WhatsApp features and fun hacks!

At this time, whatsApp is the essential commodity of our lives to sustain in the corporate sector and to be socially in. we can’t even think to make our plans, schedule our meetings or share any files and folders without this app. 

To make any content viral, WhatsApp also plays a very important role. Currently, whatsapp features makes it the most popular messaging app and have billions of users. Though it is blocked in few countries still nothing could beat its popularity.

Due to it’s easy to use functionality, it keeps on updating time to time and have features which can cover all social media platforms functionalities in one single App. Here are few features of whatsapp which add more value to this chatting platform which is not limited to chatting now.

WhatsApp status settings:

From all the Whatsapp features, its status is the most fun thing about this app and people post all those videos, quotes, images which they want to share with their contact list, but very few know that they can also adjust their Whatsapp status privacy setting. If you want to upload the story for that 1 special person. Then follow these few single steps and set your Whatsapp status audience according to your need.

Get Message Details:

Sent a message in the group chat and want to see that those who read it? Don’t wait for those ticks to turn blue and check your message read status with this quick tip.

For iphone user, swipe that message right and see the message delivery details whereas android users can long press that message and see when that message was delivered to whom and who read that at what time.

Delete message for everyone if you changed your mind in few minutes:

These self destructive messages is the most fun feature. If you change your mind or sent something wrong then you can delete that message for everyone within 60 minutes. 


Backup your Data on google drive:

  • To save your messages for a longer period of time you can keep a backup of your messages, all you need to do is go to
  • Settings>> Chat>> Chat Backup.
  • You’ll see the list of options to select from that how frequently you want to take a backup of your data.

Fingerprint Lock:

The latest update in whatsApp allows you to secure your whatsApp with fingerprint lock. All you need to do is.

  • Settings >> Privacy >> Fingerprint lock
  • Tap on “toggle button” to turn it on.

Whatsapp new group chat privacy settings:

After testing it for quite some time Whatsapp finally rolled out new Group Chat feature which everyone wanted. Getting added in random whatsapp groups was annoying for most people.

This new whatsapp feature allows you to select the audience who can add you in the groups created on whatsapp.

Admins of the groups who can’t add you directly in groups will send you private invite so that you can be added in the group if you want to be a part of it.

Send long voice messages on WhatsApp:

Usually when we send voice messages via whatsapp, they are of max 10 seconds but you can increase the length of these voice messages. 

To do that all you need to do is to:

  • Tap on voice icon.
  • Start recording and drag it upwards,
  • A lock sign will appear, tap that and then you can record for a longer period of time.

Email your chat conversations:

With whatsapp, you can share the entire chat instead of taking screenshots again and again.

To email the chat follow the step.

Settings>> Chat>> Chat History.

Now tap on “Email Chat”.

Select the chat you want to email, it can be with or without images. 

Then email it using the email app of your choice. Emailed chat would be in .txt format.

chat history

WhatsApp Pay:

This is the new feature which would be functional for few countries. You can make payments through your whatsapp without leaving the whatsapp chat. Open the chat to whom you want to transfer money, and the icon from where you share the images, you can see payment option there too.

whatsapp pay

Share WhatsApp status on other Apps:

Want to upload the same status on all your social media Apps? Now with whatsapp’s new feature, you can share your status on other apps too and save all the extra hassle.

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