Verizon is a known American company which provides wireless and other telecommunication services. The most prominent part of version communication known to us all are Huff post, tech crunch and yahoo mail. In the past few years Verizon and the related sub-ordinate companies have been charged with failure of keeping the privacy policy and were held responsible for releasing private and confidential information of the users whether through a leakage or disclosure of data. The company had to pay more than one million fine to the Federal Communications Commission because of their use of super cookies which made it possible for them to track the users online without them knowing or giving consent. Not just this back in 2013, an incident of data breach occurred where accounts of millions of users were hacked. After taking into account all this history Verizon communications has launched a onesearch engine with increased privacy policy. 

This onesearch engine will allow users to search without having to worry about the record. The company will not keep track of your data that you search or of  personalized information , the data will neither be stored or not shared with advertisers or sponsors .Which means this search engine does not track cookies and provide information to advertisers meaning we will not spot advertisements according to our previous search on the internet. The search of a user will be encrypted and not traceable. Moreover, another significant and compelling addition is the self-destruct mode which will cause all the links of search history to be deleted forever. In the opinion of the creators of Verizon, this grants an added privacy to the users or in certain conditions where one device is in use of multiple people. Also it keeps the link safe if it is shared with other people.

This search engine will be a breath of fresh air in the present day world , with news coming up every now and then about leading social networking sites  such as Facebook , Google , amazon misusing their users privacy policy and using data for several other activities for generating extra credits. People were not much vigilant about their privacy rights on social media until recently, however now users make it their priority to use a more secure and safe platform. This is exactly why the new search engines or websites with increased privacy imparting a sense of security in users are gaining popularity. This search engine is going to instill a sense of trust within its users and will definitely be something people would want to try and keep using.

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