The Power of Gratitude and Gratitude Examples

Derived from a Latin term “gratus”, being thankful and grateful is generally known as “gratitude”. But what exactly is gratitude and how does it affect our lives? Gratitude has been studied and been a part of almost every religion’s teachings for as long as a man can remember. It has been a subject of interest of great minds and thinkers of all times. With the advances in psychological research man has come across the remarkable benefits of gratitude and remains in awe to this day with the growing knowledge of the positive effects this emotion has on the human mind and body. 

Gratitude allows you to consciously value things that we so easily take for granted. It allows you to identify the worth of something in your life and that worth is not based on its materialistic value. Significance of a thing depends on how much importance it have and gratitude gives you the pleasure of finding worth in every little which you are blessed with. It permits you to choose whether you are going to be grateful or will find another reason to cry for. Therefore, it’s an understanding that comes from inside of a person and offers infinite advantages for one’s mental health.

 Combat with Negativity 

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The power of gratitude can not be ignored and one will see how it is adding value to one’s life. The first and foremost benefit that you gain from gratitude is the ability to counter negative thoughts and emotions. Identifying and counting your blessings and the good in everything in life on a conscious level increases the level of positive emotions. Consequently one may experiences increased ‘life satisfaction’ and ‘well-being’.

For instance, studies show that writing gratitude letters or keeping a journal increases the use of positive words which in turn highlights the positive emotions and not only that it shifts your attention from negative towards positive and helps you neglect the negativity. This is exactly why gratitude has been proven to decrease and aid with clinical depression, anxiety and other mental health problems. 

It needs to be practiced constantly and you will see the power of gratitude in the long run. A few pointers that can help in practicing are given below:

Stay Determined!

Persistence and gratitude go hand in hand and together will lead you to a path of utmost happiness.

Be Specific!

Be specific with your list of gratitude for instance, instead of noting down I am grateful for a good life write down the little details or pleasures that live lets you enjoy even if it is a good cup of coffee with a loved one.

Practice Gratitude!

Gratitude practice is not about trying to stop or block the negative things in life instead it’s all about where you want to pay your attention and which aspect will you focus on by choosing to look at the bright side on little things and things we find trivial, we teach our minds to perceive positively about the things we consider of primary importance.

Factors That Motivate!

The factor that increases our internal motivation to do something is that we get to choose how and when to do it. Keeping a journal or making lists is an effective way to practice however it’s not the only way; you can personalize these practices and do them in a way that you find more interesting and fun and something that works with your personality.

Share Your Gratitude!

Sharing your gratitude practice with loved ones and people you work or socialize with has enormous positive effects not only for your being but it also builds the relationships stronger and helps you grow your social and personal bonds with people around you. For example giving a thank you note to someone at your workplace who inspires you or helped you in any way.

Integrating gratitude in daily life is easy and a key ingredient in the making of a happy and content life. Start today and let yourself feel all the joys and pleasure that this beautiful life has to offer.

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