A Guide to Start Your Custom Headwear Brand

Starting a cap or a hat business is not as challenging as it may sound. If this is something that you have been planning to do, take the tips in this article into consideration and be on your way towards developing the perfect headwear brand of your dreams.

Always remember that hats are more than just a product to cover your head from the sun exposure and elements. They carry a style of their own and finding a product that is different in this style will significantly improve your sales and provide your customers with a reason to buy your hats. To give your hats a creative edge from your counterparts in the market, give them a unique reason, a drive that will encourage your audience to buy more.

More styles and varieties you store means you can cater to a broader range of customers – thus generating a larger income for yourself and your business.

1. Don’t just quit on your day job immediately!

If you have started your custom headwear/caps business, the most important thing is to stay stable for as long as possible. And that means to continue with your day job. This income will help you set up your business and mitigate a large chunk of the financial pressure of starting a new company. If you wish to invest your money into printing caps and marketing your business, be ready to commit for longer hours, have a secondary income to give your idea a reality before you start and rely on your hat business to pay for itself.

2. Research is the key

Before starting your hat business, do a lot of research. Find out a niche to target your market, especially the one where the demand is high and products are less. Think where your cap business may belong in the market, and what type of styles, designs, and colors you are going to incorporate in your business. Shop around to see what is in style and what’s not selling well. Spotting trends that are on the rise generate income quickly, since you will be working for an expanding market that is yet to be captured. Coming up with creative images and designs that you wish to have printed on your caps is a fantastic way to compete with other brands in the market.

3. Choose the Right Design

If you plan to sell your hats and caps in a physical store and not just online, your market research should extend beyond fashion. To gather exciting ideas, visit similar stalls or stores to what you would be utilizing for your business, and pay extra attention to the design and layout of the store, particularly how the stock is displayed for the customers. This is an exciting strategy to generate thoughtful ideas for your store – how much space you need, and how to showcase the best stock to grab the attention of the customers.

4. Get the License

Apply for the right business licenses, and find out what is asked of you by the tax department. If you are not sure about the requirements, hire a professional accountant to do the job for you. Their advice will be beneficial, especially with the launching of the business, and you can always get the fee back on next year’s tax return.

5. Find the Right Set of Suppliers

If you are planning to highlight a large stock, it is vital to find the right set of suppliers and other people that may help in achieving your business goals. A printing company becomes a crucial aspect of your business if you plan on selling the hats with your custom designs.

6. Sell your Products Online

If you are planning to own a small store in a shopping center, it is still a great idea to sell your products online. Not only will your products have a broader reach, but you will be able to adopt different branding strategies to get a lot more visitors interested in buying your stuff.

7. Start Marketing and Advertising your Brand

Once you are set up and almost ready to launch your brand, start marketing and to advertise your store. Advertisement could be in local newspapers, magazines, flyers, billboards, or social media. Create your store account on different social media platforms before launching your brand so that you inspire your friends and family to share the news. 

If you have a store online, source your business on various online forums and communities that may be interested in the products you are offering, and share the URL for your website. To advertise more to your audience, partner up with similar stores and brands, and see if you could reach an agreement to advertise each other’s brands with your customers. 

So there you have it. The basic steps towards launching your very own caps/headwear brand. If you feel that energy to inspire and motivate others with your brand, don’t miss out on the opportunity and start now!

How to dress up for the job interview?

It’s high time when almost everyone is going through the job-hunting process. Either you are a fresh grad and everyday landing at a new place to try your luck or you are at the point where you just want to switch your current job and looking for the right situation. In both cases, you have to go through the interview process. While thinking of a job interview, we all think of a plain black suit matched with a tie, hair combed and shiny shoes, the rest is all about just rehearsing the basic googled interview questions and a perfect posture to sit with but now things have been changed since your dad’s time and interviews are taking place in a different manner.

If you are unsure about your dressing then you just stumbled at the right place. To get through this whole chaos of interview dressing there are few things of high consideration. You are properly groomed (a nice haircut and clean shave or neatly trimmed beard), your clothes are tidy – there shouldn’t be any stain, perfectly ironed clothes having a proper crease on it. It’s your day and eyes would be on you completely; you can’t afford any slip-ups.

Here’s a small guide to sort you for the day which is going to decide your future soon because we all know how stressful it is to prepare for a job interview.

Whenever we think about dressing up for an interview the most prominent things to consider are suit, shirt and tie as they add a nifty finish to the whole appearance. While selecting the shirt you have to consider it very carefully. The shirt should be smartly trimmed in accordance with your build so that it won’t give a casual or baggy feel. Even if you are not opting for something formal, still the shirt needs to be smartly fitted.

If you are going for some professional interview then you need to look smart without a suited look, somewhere in between corporate and business casual. Pair this plain shirt with smart chinos in khaki color or any other nude color to look sober. These trends conflict with the austerity of styles and boredom of the corporate world but we have to find a way to meet both standards at the same time. To come up with the fashionable look you may need to put in a substantial amount of time in picking the perfect outfit for the big day. Wear this plain white shirt with bright studs and cufflinks. Choose a shirt which gives a luxurious feel to prominent your exclusive look. Your dressing style plays the significant roles because it is going to draw the very first impression, you’ll be judged the moment you’ll enter the interview place and that impression will bounce on and on to a distance then you can imagine. You need to look arguably smart and that can easily be achieved with a dress shirt, trousers, and a plain black tie.

If you are heading for some tech interview, in that case, the suit is a big NO, they might consider that you are here to fix some corporate deal. In a tech savvy environment opt for dress shirt and formal trousers with a fancy buckle belt and match it with your shoe color. Accessorize it in a minimal yet classy way because at this place you have to create an impression that how much suitable you are for this environment by looking exquisite yet sounding intellectual.

If you are going for some corporate interview then you don’t need to show your creativity in any way. A corporate job is mostly the responsible job and you have to portray an image that how responsible and mature you are. Your appearance should reflect seriousness in a positive manner. Don’t try to experiment with your look or try to look contemporary. Try to play safe as much as you can and for a corporate look, nothing is better than suiting. If you can’t wear a suit or you don’t want to wear it then it’s better not to turn up for this interview.

Your looks should look sober and impeccable with a class, reflecting as it is you are someone having a love for fine suiting. You need to impress the person sitting on the other side of the table by all means because he is going to surely decide your future and nothing can cross his eagle’s eyes. As much important, it is for you to impress the assessor at the same time you don’t have to look flashy at all. Try to accessorize with somber add-ons. Contrast a regular plain tie or maybe a checked tie with your suit, a finely folded pocket square, and other muted accessories to bring up your game. Try to be simple with your look initially and once you are selected for the job you may add a bit of your style in your routine corporate wear. While selecting a suit the most important thing to consider is the basic colors of suiting, opt for a navy suit, grey suiting or maybe a dark brown while avoiding all sort of self-printed or bright colors.

No matter wherever you are going for the interview, at the end you must look presentable enough so that the other person would be interested in talking to you because interviewer hardly needs 30 seconds to decide that whether you are going to stay or leave. Under dressing and overdressing both can ruin your lifetime chance.

Be confident and slay your interview with us!