Artificial Intelligence Taking Over Jobs


Twentieth century was characterized by marked industrialization and technology taking over the world. Technology started from modification of simple things such as using a computer or software for data arrangement to the advanced tech manifestation such as artificial intelligence and machine intelligence. Industrial revolution was distinguished by many technological changes which ultimately had an effect on all possible factors of everyday life whether directly or indirectly. The utmost difference that was caused by this revolution was the lifestyle change. It took the living standards to whole another level with advancements in every field including transport, nature of work, housing systems, communication methods, food availability, and mass production. Revolution brought a change including technological tools, machines and items to use in the fields, factories and industries and this is why nature of work life and how humans live in the present world is entirely different from old times.

Robotics and Its Role In the Modern World

A branch of knowledge which involves both science and mathematics to design and create machines (robots) that can be used as a substitution of individuals and mimic their actions and human behavior. Robots can be of various shapes and sizes with different functionality and accordingly used for different purposes. With the technological advancements in 20th century robotics has been one of the fastest growing fields and been paving its way into all aspects including industrial, household, medical, agricultural or military work. There have been developed robots of various types which are able to perform different functions and are of use in different fields. For instance major robot implementation in various fields and how they work is explained below.

  • Military Robots 

These are the robots used in the dangerous situations where lives are at stake they perform functions such as seek, evacuate, defend and attack. Many robots are used for military purposes especially by US military and many are in the process of creation. Such robots are a substitution for the soldiers who would be in a life threatening situation or battlefield. Various kinds of robots are being developed with different kinds of applications including patrolling, keeping an eye with cameras and attacking an intruder or for border assignment etc.

  • Industrial Robots 

The massive utilization of robots is seen in industrial field. Five years back the reported number of industrial robots performing activities was 1.64 million and has been growing ever since. These robots are auto-mated and programmed to perform certain tasks which include organizing, collecting, dismantling etc. robots have now replaced jobs that were too dangerous for workers to do such as in mines, on extreme heights, working with enormous weights, welding or other jobs which required working in extreme temperatures. Not only this in order to increase mass production the jobs such as of arranging, inspection of products, labeling of products are taken care by robots now in an increased speed and with more accuracy which previously were done by the laborers but at much lower rate in the factories 

  • Medical Robot 

Advance medical centers are now equipped with robots working alongside humans. The most used form of robots is ‘telemanipulator’ that is controlled by a person (surgeon) on the one hand and performs the required operation on the other. There are surgical robots created which if programmed can perform the surgery in the absence of a doctor.  Rehabilitators are built for the management, therapy and take care of patients especially the elderly or someone who has a disability. There have been robots developed and used to clean and disinfect areas and rooms as required. However, these robots are rare and need a lot of work on them before they will be used at a larger scale.

  • Domestic Robots 

These are used mainly for doing house hold activities but can also involve in performing education, entertainment or other relevant tasks. From doing dishes to cleaning floors or even ironing clothes robots are performing all activities. There are robots made specifically for providing security and alarming in the presence of an intruder. The jobs of house cleaning, dish washing, ironing all household chores are now also done by robots instead of workers.

  • Agriculture Robots 

This is one of the major fields where robots have been used. Taking care of harvest, providing the right conditions, picking up ripped fruits, using sprays and fertilizers to protect crops are a few jobs that are now done by robots instead of laborers. This industry is ever growing and with the use of robots in industry its estimated worth is supposed to reach almost twelve billion in next five years.

Robots Substituting Laborers 

According to estimation almost eight billion people are assumed to lose their jobs and replaced by robots or machines. Especially in richer nations the workers are supposed to be replaced by the automated machines and need to retrain for work in other fields or for other kinds of job.

Following will be the most effected jobs.

  • Data Entry Relevant Jobs 

Such jobs which are associated with data entrance, gathering information, highlighting ideas, converting data formats, coping data from one place to another or any job which requires merely such skills will be replaced by artificial intelligence in coming years.

data entry
  • Journalism 

Artificial intelligence will be able to gather data more precisely, with a more in depth-analysis and more accurately do the constructive criticism on the available information and happenings.

  • Drivers  

After rechargeable cars the latest invention of auto –pilot and artificial intelligence and with successful attempts of AI driving cars and taking them for large distances the regular taxi driver might find their work effected. Moreover with multi- national companies providing taxi services for example uber , using automated taxis with AI will definitely change the nature of  this job availability.

  • Industrial work

This industry is the first one to experience change with the technological inventions and the most affected one until date. Whether it is working in factories or on construction sites loads of jobs in this sector will be taken over by the robots. Packing, inspection, assembly, labeling etc. all such activities are now performed by automated robots and already have replaced human jobs.

  • Agricultural work

Using robots has proved to be more efficient than laborers working in the fields and this is why it has been used and it is a part of future plan to use these robots for the work in fields especially in harvesting.

  • Telecommunicates and customer services

With AI and ML in the play, and availability of chat boxes and much more customized AI services available to customers waiting on lines or online will not be preferred by many people.

Advantages of Technology Use 

The most significant advantage is the saving of lives which otherwise might be endangered or under a constant threat.

With robots use the mass production of food and other life necessities has become more advance ad fast and things are easily available.

Another advantage is the accuracy and efficiency added to each task. One might say the robots are programmed to work or strive to work perfectly and give results that are unquestionable. 

Disadvantages of Technology Use

The major crisis that we are facing due to excessive technology use is the replacement of people by robots or AI. It is supposed that in richer countries almost forty-five percent of jobs will be taken over. This is going to have a great influence on the lives of people globally.

What to do about it?

The most productive way of dealing with any problem is to look for solutions the same goes with this issue. Many people have the opinion that all we need to do is re-train the employers learn skills that are required to thrive in the jobs of different nature. Use of automated robots and AI in industries has proven and expected to increase economy in millions. Hence while taking in consideration the consequences; use of robots can be productive for the mankind.

How to dress up for the job interview?

It’s high time when almost everyone is going through the job-hunting process. Either you are a fresh grad and everyday landing at a new place to try your luck or you are at the point where you just want to switch your current job and looking for the right situation. In both cases, you have to go through the interview process. While thinking of a job interview, we all think of a plain black suit matched with a tie, hair combed and shiny shoes, the rest is all about just rehearsing the basic googled interview questions and a perfect posture to sit with but now things have been changed since your dad’s time and interviews are taking place in a different manner.

If you are unsure about your dressing then you just stumbled at the right place. To get through this whole chaos of interview dressing there are few things of high consideration. You are properly groomed (a nice haircut and clean shave or neatly trimmed beard), your clothes are tidy – there shouldn’t be any stain, perfectly ironed clothes having a proper crease on it. It’s your day and eyes would be on you completely; you can’t afford any slip-ups.

Here’s a small guide to sort you for the day which is going to decide your future soon because we all know how stressful it is to prepare for a job interview.

Whenever we think about dressing up for an interview the most prominent things to consider are suit, shirt and tie as they add a nifty finish to the whole appearance. While selecting the shirt you have to consider it very carefully. The shirt should be smartly trimmed in accordance with your build so that it won’t give a casual or baggy feel. Even if you are not opting for something formal, still the shirt needs to be smartly fitted.

If you are going for some professional interview then you need to look smart without a suited look, somewhere in between corporate and business casual. Pair this plain shirt with smart chinos in khaki color or any other nude color to look sober. These trends conflict with the austerity of styles and boredom of the corporate world but we have to find a way to meet both standards at the same time. To come up with the fashionable look you may need to put in a substantial amount of time in picking the perfect outfit for the big day. Wear this plain white shirt with bright studs and cufflinks. Choose a shirt which gives a luxurious feel to prominent your exclusive look. Your dressing style plays the significant roles because it is going to draw the very first impression, you’ll be judged the moment you’ll enter the interview place and that impression will bounce on and on to a distance then you can imagine. You need to look arguably smart and that can easily be achieved with a dress shirt, trousers, and a plain black tie.

If you are heading for some tech interview, in that case, the suit is a big NO, they might consider that you are here to fix some corporate deal. In a tech savvy environment opt for dress shirt and formal trousers with a fancy buckle belt and match it with your shoe color. Accessorize it in a minimal yet classy way because at this place you have to create an impression that how much suitable you are for this environment by looking exquisite yet sounding intellectual.

If you are going for some corporate interview then you don’t need to show your creativity in any way. A corporate job is mostly the responsible job and you have to portray an image that how responsible and mature you are. Your appearance should reflect seriousness in a positive manner. Don’t try to experiment with your look or try to look contemporary. Try to play safe as much as you can and for a corporate look, nothing is better than suiting. If you can’t wear a suit or you don’t want to wear it then it’s better not to turn up for this interview.

Your looks should look sober and impeccable with a class, reflecting as it is you are someone having a love for fine suiting. You need to impress the person sitting on the other side of the table by all means because he is going to surely decide your future and nothing can cross his eagle’s eyes. As much important, it is for you to impress the assessor at the same time you don’t have to look flashy at all. Try to accessorize with somber add-ons. Contrast a regular plain tie or maybe a checked tie with your suit, a finely folded pocket square, and other muted accessories to bring up your game. Try to be simple with your look initially and once you are selected for the job you may add a bit of your style in your routine corporate wear. While selecting a suit the most important thing to consider is the basic colors of suiting, opt for a navy suit, grey suiting or maybe a dark brown while avoiding all sort of self-printed or bright colors.

No matter wherever you are going for the interview, at the end you must look presentable enough so that the other person would be interested in talking to you because interviewer hardly needs 30 seconds to decide that whether you are going to stay or leave. Under dressing and overdressing both can ruin your lifetime chance.

Be confident and slay your interview with us!