Online Learning Websites for Short Courses

In the contemporary world, the most effective and integral way of communication is online. Technology and telecommunications are the prime source of operating in the present day world. Consequently, this evolution has brought a significant change in the field of education as well. It has substituted the traditional and conventional ways of learning in classrooms over a fixed period of time and led towards a more flexible approach of gaining knowledge through online learning websites. According to the statistics more than five million people take at least one course online through internet and reportedly half of the world’s educational institutes are providing online educational courses. Online education is the type of teaching and learning which operates through the internet. That, it allows the tutors to reach out and teach the students or learners who are eager to educate themselves through various websites but due to certain  reasons cannot sign up for regular classes in schools or universities. This lends a helping hand to people to teach themselves according to their timetable and needs. 

Types of Online Learning 

Synchronous Learning 

It’s the kind of online education that takes place in a specific time through an online means of communication. The teacher and learners interact in a specified time and it can take place through live chats, group audio or video calls for sharing information and educating purposes. Synchronous learning gives you the added benefit of a group engagement that is if you are a type of person who learns more effectively with getting feedback right way or by discussing things with a number of people this is the right choice for you. It allows you to discuss, debate, interact in the most effective way possible and leads to a more active form of learning.

Asynchronous Learning 

It’s the learning which takes place according to your time table. In this form of online course an individual gets the required relevant material, reading notes, and quiz or tests for the assessments and one can work them according to what is suitable for them. The added advantage of asynchronous learning is the adaptability it provides along with the time to gain knowledge according to your own rate of learning without being worried about lagging behind.

Online Learning Websites


It is one of the most authentic and genuine website available for the online learning. Its foundation was laid upon by Harvard University in association with MIT (Massachusetts institute of technology) and now constitutes up to almost twenty five hundred plus courses from more than a hundred institutes. It provides courses on variety of fields and subjects including computer sciences, humanities, languages and STEM courses. Professional courses and certificates given by edX are the most valued and appraised online courses available online. And these courses definitely add value to your resume.

It is an online educational website that was developed by the professors of Stanford University, which gives access to moos (massive open online courses). It offers various degrees, specializations and professional courses in number of fields such as medical courses, humanities, mathematics, business and much more. Reportedly, over forty million users are learning and gaining knowledge from coursea.


With the most versatile availability of courses udemy is an influential online educational website. It has an estimated number of over thirty million students and one hundred thirty thousand courses available in more than sixty languages. udemy emphasizes especially on professional courses . it allows the users to upload various videos, audios , pdfs and other files as required according to the course content. Moreover, there are online displays available for the direct interaction of the tutors and learners. Another significant feature of udemy is that it also provides free online courses (in specific conditions).


TED (technology, entertainment, design) franchise

Its identifying phrase is “ideas worth spreading”.  TED website puts out the information and discussions in video form. TED lectures are free online talks with a goal to spread awareness on various topics whether they are scientific, culture specific, of political nature and academic nature. Over billion views are reported on videos; new videos are posted every month or two.

Academic Earth 

Another website with courses available from prestigious educational institutes of the world, this platform offers courses from institutes including Oxford, Harvard, MIT,  Stanford , Yale , Berkeley and more. Offering courses on almost fifty subjects it gives learners access to scholarly articles, researches and videos.

academic earth


A site for youngsters with preparation material for various tests and subjects including math, English, and science. It is reported to have delivered over twenty million lessons on a number of subjects. 

Cosmo learning 

Future channel

Big think 

Khan academy

How cast

Internet archive  

Are a few other renown websites for online education.

Benefits of Online Education 

  • Flexibility and adaptability is the fundamental and most significant factor of online learning. Whether it involves what kind of course you want to study or at what time and in what pace. It makes life easier for students who want to start a career as well as keep getting further education. 
  • Comfort comes hand in hand with the online education system. It allows an individual to choose the course of their wishes and pursue it, even if it is not available in their country or hometown they can still educate themselves without having to leave their hometown and can gain knowledge from the comfort of their home. This is especially workable for the people who require special care or cannot be left alone out in the public.
  • Cost effectiveness is a benefit that every student needs when it comes to pursuing education. This is what online education gives without a doubt. There are a number of expenses which get subtracted due to learning online. One doesn’t have to pay parking, transport, power sources or other various costs which are inevitable while learning on-campus. Such worries do not have any influence on a student who opted to study online.
  • Focused attention. It is difficult to get centered attention from a teacher while you are learning in the classroom along with a number of other students. However, taking online course lets you have one- to- one interaction with your tutor and enlightening discussions ad debates as required.
  • Personalized learning rate. No need to be concerned about the rate of learning or being a slow learner. With online courses at your hand one can effortlessly learn at their own pace. 
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