Instagram Features You Need To Know!

Anywhere, whenever there is an ongoing conversation about social networking in the present day, Instagram easily makes it to almost every list. Instagram is effortlessly one of the most prominent and popular applications in the social media world. It has a striking following with an amount of almost one billion daily active users. Instagram has become a distinguished platform for entrepreneurship and other business engagements especially in the domain of fashion and travel. With its enormous following Instagram features are being updated to give its users the best possible experience. 

Here are some of the key Instagram features that everybody would be pleased to know about. 

Personalized Fonts 

If you are looking for something different or something to stand out in your profile one of the ways is to use different font styles in your profile information. Simply choose your favorite quote or font style and size from any third source and simply copy paste it in your bio. Not everyone is aware of this hack and it will certainly give your bio an interesting and exciting outlook 

Explore Instagram Users Effortlessly

You want to stay in touch and updated on the latest Instagram news and happenings but don’t have an Instagram account?

Or you want to stay connected to or shop through Instagram? Or if there is any other motive, no worries you can look up people/pages or Instagram users without having your own account. One way of doing so is to search simply by joining in the username with the Instagram web address. For instance if you type in , this will take you to the account of the specific username.

Plan Your Future Posts

This is especially of use to people with a business account on Instagram or if you have a busy schedule but you also wish for an active Instagram engagement and are in the habit of posting pictures every day or several times a day, you can actually choose a time and date in advance for your future posts. All you have to do is switch your account to a business profile and choose accordingly. You can also use a third source or tool (social media website) for scheduling and you can join in your Instagram account and make plans for your upcoming posts.

Favorites Come First 

We all have certain filters that we love more and often use. Most of the time surfing through all the filters seem too exhausting and time consuming. However, Instagram team has taken care of it by allowing you to choose the order of filters as you may like and put the unused ones out of sight In order to do this you need to find the ‘manage’ icon on the right corner of your filter page. For changing the order tap on the lines drawn on the corner of filter that you would like to change position and slide accordingly.


Story Highlights 

Some stories that you post seem to have earned more time online than mere twenty-four hours. This is why Instagram provides with the ‘highlights’ feature. This allows you to choose stories from the past and make highlights that will remain as long as you want them there and you don’t have to be concerned about their disappearing.

Choose Tagged Photos 

This update of Instagram is undoubtedly becoming every ones favorite. In the past the tagged pictures used to be automatically shown on your profile. But now a person can manually choose which pictures and videos will appear on their account. All you need to do is go to settings and tap on ‘tagging options’ and chose the ‘manual’ option.

All these Instagram features will help you to playfully engage with other Instagram users and work more efficiently with this social media application. Make use of these features for a pleasant experience like the one you have always wanted and happy hash tagging!   

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