Hacks and Tricks for Snapchat – Snap It!!

About a decade ago with the invention of internet, social networking has become a significant part of everyday life. With reaching its enormous amount of two ten million daily active users in a relatively shorter  period of time snapchat has become one of the most influential social media platforms. Even with this extraordinary number of followers, there are many hacks and tricks for snapchat that most users are unaware of. Several new features have been added to the latest version of the app which makes the users experiences just as brand new as in the first place. However, rest assured that after reading this article you will be no stranger to all the intriguing facts and hacks that snapchat has to offer.

Recognize Songs Trouble Free 

Naming a song has never been so hassle free. Snapchat allows you to recognize songs with a hold of a button (camera) and a pop-up can be seen with song’s artist and name on it. You don’t have to download another separate app to take up more of your system’s space, you got covered. Not only that the specific shazam song can be snapped and shared with friends. And you can even add the artist in your friend list right away.

Video Aspects 

Another amazing feature added is the ability to make videos and put them together in either slow-motion, fast-forward or rewind. This characteristic comes just as easy as filters by sliding right left, one can find icons for features to apply.

Icons representations go as follows 

A snail = slow-motion 

A rabbit = fast-forward 

Backward arrows = rewind 

Filter it. Thrice!

Snapchat brings you the opportunity to add not only one or two but at least three filters to one single snap so if you can’t decide between which filter to choose no worries because you won’t have to just go on and choose all three of your top favorites.

snapchat filter

My Snapchat Memories Movie

After signing up to my snapchat memories you don’t have to be concerned about the expiry of your snaps every twenty four hours.

Why? Because snapchat makes and sends you a complete video of all your snaps throughout a whole month.

Create filters 

If you feel bored of the existing filters or feel like they don’t go with your mood or personality or you want to explore your creativity then you have got the right App. Certainly one of the most fun features of snapchat, you can create your own filters on the website by following directions online. One has to single out their geolocation and sync your created filter online.

Personalized Emojis  

Another playful characteristic provided by the snapchat team is to add up emojis as desired in front of your friends’ username. You can choose any emoji reflecting your feelings regarding the person and add it not just that they can be easily changed or removed as desired.

Travel mode 

One of the most common side effects of using such applications is the drainage of battery. This is something that everyone suffers from however, what most of us don’t know is that ‘travel mode’ is an inherent feature of snapchat. It allows you to choose whether to download snaps or which ones to download and helps save data. You can turn on travel mode by going into ‘settings’ then ‘additional services’ where you need to tap ‘manage’ Locate and switch onto travel mode and you are good to go.

These hacks and tricks will assist you to make the best use of snapchat app. So, engage with people in the most effective way while having your fun at the same time. 

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