DARAZ 11.11, Ab Hoga Na Dobara

The most talked Sale of the time is just happening and is certainly making noise.

If you are availing discounts from this online store or not, you are definitely going to talk about it. Daraz which was acquired by Chinese business tycoon, Ali Baba is trying to fool around with Pakistanis, but they didn’t know we are not that easy to be played with.

Here is what awam had to say about this sale which started on 11 November and is named as DARAZ11.11

Yeh Gyara Gyara ab hoga na Dobara!

Actually Daraz charge 30% from vendors on each product, that’s why they(vendors) are forced to increase the prices else only daraz would be only earning from their products. However, people are not that lazy that they would be paying double the amount instead of going to the nearest store. This time you tried to play the WRONG ones. 😀

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