Hacks and Tricks for Snapchat – Snap It!!

About a decade ago with the invention of internet, social networking has become a significant part of everyday life. With reaching its enormous amount of two ten million daily active users in a relatively shorter  period of time snapchat has become one of the most influential social media platforms. Even with this extraordinary number of followers, there are many hacks and tricks for snapchat that most users are unaware of. Several new features have been added to the latest version of the app which makes the users experiences just as brand new as in the first place. However, rest assured that after reading this article you will be no stranger to all the intriguing facts and hacks that snapchat has to offer.

Recognize Songs Trouble Free 

Naming a song has never been so hassle free. Snapchat allows you to recognize songs with a hold of a button (camera) and a pop-up can be seen with song’s artist and name on it. You don’t have to download another separate app to take up more of your system’s space, you got covered. Not only that the specific shazam song can be snapped and shared with friends. And you can even add the artist in your friend list right away.

Video Aspects 

Another amazing feature added is the ability to make videos and put them together in either slow-motion, fast-forward or rewind. This characteristic comes just as easy as filters by sliding right left, one can find icons for features to apply.

Icons representations go as follows 

A snail = slow-motion 

A rabbit = fast-forward 

Backward arrows = rewind 

Filter it. Thrice!

Snapchat brings you the opportunity to add not only one or two but at least three filters to one single snap so if you can’t decide between which filter to choose no worries because you won’t have to just go on and choose all three of your top favorites.

snapchat filter

My Snapchat Memories Movie

After signing up to my snapchat memories you don’t have to be concerned about the expiry of your snaps every twenty four hours.

Why? Because snapchat makes and sends you a complete video of all your snaps throughout a whole month.

Create filters 

If you feel bored of the existing filters or feel like they don’t go with your mood or personality or you want to explore your creativity then you have got the right App. Certainly one of the most fun features of snapchat, you can create your own filters on the website by following directions online. One has to single out their geolocation and sync your created filter online.

Personalized Emojis  

Another playful characteristic provided by the snapchat team is to add up emojis as desired in front of your friends’ username. You can choose any emoji reflecting your feelings regarding the person and add it not just that they can be easily changed or removed as desired.

Travel mode 

One of the most common side effects of using such applications is the drainage of battery. This is something that everyone suffers from however, what most of us don’t know is that ‘travel mode’ is an inherent feature of snapchat. It allows you to choose whether to download snaps or which ones to download and helps save data. You can turn on travel mode by going into ‘settings’ then ‘additional services’ where you need to tap ‘manage’ Locate and switch onto travel mode and you are good to go.

These hacks and tricks will assist you to make the best use of snapchat app. So, engage with people in the most effective way while having your fun at the same time. 

Business Intelligence Analyst

Business Intelligence Analyst is the person who uses the already collected data and turns it into the game-changing business decisions. He analyzes the data of the company and all the competitors and then creates a report of the current situation of the company, trends it is following and changes required by the company to reach its target. If business and computer science fields excite you then you are in the right direction and you can have your way with flying colors.

Roadmap as a Business Intelligence Analyst:

If you are just in the initial phase and are about to opt for the degree which will lead to a secured job then you are at the right place. You should always be planning and mapping out your educational and career path and look up for opportunities which can assist you to achieve your milestones. These are simple salient suggestions which will lead you towards your goal as a business intelligence analyst.

modern analytics workflow

Degree to opt for:

If you are opting for a degree then these 3 degrees are best suitable for you and you can advance steadily in your direction.

  • Business-related degrees
  • Management Information Systems
  • Any branch of Computer Science

But that’s only enough, to ace your career a relevant college degree or major is not the only thing. Professional experience is also required to get the know-how of how things work outside the books in the real world and how have to perform to sustain and flourish in the professional world.

Work Experience:

During your college years, it’s better to go for an internship in the organizations having a dedicated analytics department where you can learn various software and work dynamics.  These big-name companies work as a ladder towards a bright future and you can secure a prominent position easily with your expertise.

Once you get into the workforce you get the advantage as compared to fresh graduates which can help you secure an executive level position in a reputable organization with your professional knowledge because you already possess all the essential skills which are pivotal for any position.

Business Intelligence Job Roles:

Following are the career paths which you can go for once you get in this field:

  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Business Intelligence Consultant
  • Business Intelligence Engineer

Skills Required by a Business Intelligence Analyst:

Just being qualified and having the degree is not one need to be a successful business intelligence analyst, there are certain skills which need to be acquired in order to be the guru of this domain. Let’s delve into the skills which can turn you from an ordinary business intelligence analyst to a successful one.

Problem Solving:

A BI have to be very creative with decision making, collecting the data and creating the results out of it or only analyzing the data is not the only thing a business intelligence analyst is supposed to do. He should be smart enough to come up with new techniques and timely solutions so that a problem would not turn into a disaster. He should put up clear suggestions which would assist executives with the helping hand and would result in better business decisions.


While this field is all about having the strong grip on all hard skills and how good you are with your work, the only soft skill which remains constant at every step is how good you are at communication. The essence of communication cannot be ignored at any level and you are required to be efficient in listening and delivering your message fully with the desired body language and tone.

Programming Language:

A person working as a BI will always have an edge if has a grip on programming languages and he can use them effectively but the most common programming language which is mandatory for every BI is the SQL, the most commonly used langue to manage data.

Industry Knowledge:

Having the said degrees and certification is not enough, you should also have the deep insights about the industry you are working in, for instance, if you belong to some educational sector then you should know the stats and dynamics of this sector and how things work here. It has a deep effect on your performance.

Data Analysis:

Analytical skills are key skills which can’t be ignored in any profession but in BI you can’t survive without this particular skill. You should be smart enough to go through the huge sets of data and create a pattern out of it or you analyze it a certain manner that you can generate some useful result.

Data visualization:

To present your data and working in a more readable and clear form, its visual representation is the most effective manner. It not only makes data easy to understand but also helps people to understand the patterns, trends, and correlations more easily which were chaos in the text form.

PPC Campaign Step by Step Guide for the Beginners

You often heard the terms SEO and PPC. PPC stands for Pay-per-click – a term delivering its meaning itself. Advertisers pay each time whenever their ads are clicked, to buy large traffic to their site. The PPC is a way to derive visitors to your website instead of attempting to earn radically. PPC is an advertising model, using which, you can send traffic to your small business site, so thus, you will have surged exposure and you can promote your business.

Like every campaign, PPC campaign expert in Islamabad also needs to be commenced tactically. Business without planning and proper guidance doesn’t promise you your success. Here is a step by step guide for the beginners who just step in business. Take a below-given approach to reach your target.

Standardize your objectives

Be sure yourself first before spending money on a PPC campaign whether could it provide a clear-cut path to ROI or not? And if not, then it’s just the wastage of time, efforts, and money. Increase your sales, inquiries, sign-ups but for this, you first have to set your goals that how and when to undertake a specific action to make your efforts fruitful.

Fix a reasonable budget

Setting a budget before starting a business is an essential step to take. Setting an extremely high budget, out of your reach is just about making yourself fool, on a flip, too low budget for a large setting is not a sign of wisdom either. Don’t test the market with a small campaign which later demands more money to spend on since it would spoil your whole planning with a great loss.

Crucial to success; keywords

It’s the keywords assisting to recommend your site to the searchers. PPC campaign, ad platforms like Bing Ads rely upon the use of keywords. Right keywords; apprising your emphasized point will help you to be higher in website ranking. Make a keyword list and use them properly.

Attempt on keywords

Attempt on the chosen keywords in PPC advertising. Depending on the competition for the same terms, it’s an expensive scheme. Some tools like SEMRush and Keyword Planner give you insights about paying competitors. Such tools enable you to adjust your bid.

Different keywords campaigns setting

Split the mixed keywords for different products and SEO services, into separate campaigns. It helps you in making your targeting efforts more effective and working. What else businessmen want to see despite having a flourished business.

Boosted headlines & ad copy

Potential customers always use the keywords in their searches for the products you sell. So, don’t make your headings body copy so complex, what you use to call creative. Instead, opt for keywords, using meaning-delivering statements so more traffic would reach you while searching with keywords. Your focus is must be on one or more distinct benefits along with the addition of a relevant call to action.

Unique landing pages creation

Keep your homepage rather detached from the visitors so it’s better to dodge sending visitors to the product page. Instead, decide on and create a unique landing page that uses the same keywords which your ad does use. The product page associated with the ad is the place to send the visitors at if you are selling products. Create a page outlining the benefits for visitors, if you are proffering a service. The landing page has a clear call to action that contributes making your site more effective.

internet of things

Use of Entrepreneurship Skills in Internet of Things (IoT)

Samsung acquired SmartThings, an Internet of Things based company, for $200 million. Google acquired NEST Labs, also an Internet of things based company for $3.2 billion. So obviously there is something big on the horizon. But we also see a lot of IoT based companies being shut down e.g. Berg, a pioneer in design and user experience in IoT closed down recently but it got a lot of fame when it launched.

We often see IoT startups going at a peak in their valuations but after a few month of launch, they shut down. We will discuss a few entrepreneurial skills that should be kept in mind whenever you are going to start an IoT based startup, or even if you already have started it and are busy fulfilling orders, these points should be kept in mind by an entrepreneur.

Think Creatively

The first thing any entrepreneur should know and think about is what’s really important to end users. There are thousands of new ideas related to IoT that really isn’t the need of the user. For example internet-connected tray in your fridge that can keep track of the eggs and notify you when there is only a few left. Fascinated, right? But do we really need that in our life? So in order to be successful, you should always think creatively and offer an IoT product that really adds value to end users.


The internet has always been about people, but now it is also becoming internet of things. It might be new concept for some and they might resist adapting to it. IoT products are sometimes very unique and new, people don’t adapt to them quickly. Most successful startups looked at negative comments as important learning points and maintained their optimism, but don’t forget to make calculated changes to your idea or product.  


Ability to Adapt

Many of the IoT startups bootstrap and make prototypes before getting to their big breaks and postpone the process of scalability until much later. Whenever you are developing your IoT product, remember to think about scalability from the start. What actually happens is that IoT products gets fame quickly and get many orders, but the company don’t actually know how to manufacture a big amount of their product on time and end up losing their customers. A good entrepreneur will always adapt to changes quickly and will always think about future perspectives from early stages of the startup.

Focus on Emerging Realities

IoT startups launches a new product and focus so much on it that they forget to focus on emerging realities. Sometimes the idea takes too much time for people to adapt that there are much better solutions to the same problem and founders are often surprised to hear about the latest developments that has happened in the field. Always keep an eye on what is happening in the field instead of just focusing on your product.

emerging realities

These are a few points that every IoT startup founder should always have in mind along with basic entrepreneurial skills.

Effective Web Design 5 Basic Components in 2020

Website design is not only limited to selecting the right colors or the right imagery but focuses on shedding light and taking a more comprehensive look to improve and enhance user experience. An excellent web designer won’t be deemed as an excellent design if visitors can’t visually see it. Slow load times and a sluggish website are just some of the factors that lead to reduced conversion rates. To attract more users, an effective web design is a must.

Consequently, a user’s attention span is proven to be very limited who only focuses on the top three to four links without scrolling further, making it crucial for web design companies to get their site ranked on top by the use of SEO services. Following are some basic design elements to implement an effective web design.

Responsive Layout

This might seem as a broader term, but is a crucial component of effective web design. Web designers must maintain cohesiveness throughout the website, each element representing the other element, giving meaning and purpose to the website. As it is commonly said, “the first impression is the last impression” holds out true due to the limited concentration span a visitor has, deciding between just a couple of milliseconds. In simpler words, a web design should have a minimalist approach, clean, intuitive and easily accessible. Using strong typography, the right color pallet, images and other visual elements in a way that provides brand recognition.

effective web design

The Right Color Pallet

Choosing the right color scheme might seem like a rudimentary principle but needs to be taken care of as an essential web design component. The use of a good color mixture helps to inform the audience about your brand and is what most designers start with. Every color scheme suits a specific audience, for instance, targeting children to a specific brand or image would require the use of soft colors such as pinks and blues whereas, photographs would want to rely on monochrome to portray vibrant images, every color mixture indicating the audience type. Best Website Design Company in UK places a deep emphasis on using the right colors on its website, giving users an eye-catching and pleasurable experience.

color pallet

Catchy Typography

The way of how content is displayed and read strictly focuses on integrating strong typography, which makes the content look presentable and eye-catching for users. Moreover, the text should be readable with the correct number of pixels, ensuring fresh design content copy. For instance, using important terms, highlighted in bold can help distinguish that keyword as unique and relevant importance that helps users place their emphasis on it, defining the meaning and the purpose of the website. Using complementary fonts for headings in addition to having between text and background colors are all that makeup providing good visual content.

Smart Navigation

Navigation holds relevant importance for the website to be effective. It becomes extremely crucial for visitors to find their intended information that without proper navigation can lead to lower conversion rates. Strong navigation extends beyond certain functionalities amalgamated into the header. For instance, best website Design Company in UK implement Call to actions (CTAs) in their websites that provides a strong driving force for web designers to increase their web traffic. For example, placing links at the bottom of a web page to direct them to another website or directional arrows to direct users to specific.

SEO-Friendly Content

Content acts as a driving force by giving users information about a certain brand or some other product. The content is designed and written in a way that provides critical information that should be easy to understand and readable. Good web content writes should focus on efficiency, shedding light more on quality than on quantity. Always remember that the use of extra words can make content boring and reduced efficiency.

Content should be compact, utilizing good negative or white space, and dividing content into sections to ensure good content presentation. Professional web designers focus more on landing pages such as about us or contact info page; because that is what visitors see most when using call to actions, having the appropriate tone and right information.

seo friendly content

Best website design company in UK, regarding the importance of mobile applications, who optimize and place content according to a wide variety of devices, giving users a seamless, compact and user-friendly experience.

WhatsApp features and fun hacks!

At this time, whatsApp is the essential commodity of our lives to sustain in the corporate sector and to be socially in. we can’t even think to make our plans, schedule our meetings or share any files and folders without this app. 

To make any content viral, WhatsApp also plays a very important role. Currently, whatsapp features makes it the most popular messaging app and have billions of users. Though it is blocked in few countries still nothing could beat its popularity.

Due to it’s easy to use functionality, it keeps on updating time to time and have features which can cover all social media platforms functionalities in one single App. Here are few features of whatsapp which add more value to this chatting platform which is not limited to chatting now.

WhatsApp status settings:

From all the Whatsapp features, its status is the most fun thing about this app and people post all those videos, quotes, images which they want to share with their contact list, but very few know that they can also adjust their Whatsapp status privacy setting. If you want to upload the story for that 1 special person. Then follow these few single steps and set your Whatsapp status audience according to your need.

Get Message Details:

Sent a message in the group chat and want to see that those who read it? Don’t wait for those ticks to turn blue and check your message read status with this quick tip.

For iphone user, swipe that message right and see the message delivery details whereas android users can long press that message and see when that message was delivered to whom and who read that at what time.

Delete message for everyone if you changed your mind in few minutes:

These self destructive messages is the most fun feature. If you change your mind or sent something wrong then you can delete that message for everyone within 60 minutes.

Backup your Data on google drive:

  • To save your messages for a longer period of time you can keep a backup of your messages, all you need to do is go to
  • Settings>> Chat>> Chat Backup.
  • You’ll see the list of options to select from that how frequently you want to take a backup of your data.

Fingerprint Lock:

The latest update in whatsApp allows you to secure your whatsApp with fingerprint lock. All you need to do is.

  • Settings >> Privacy >> Fingerprint lock
  • Tap on “toggle button” to turn it on.

Whatsapp new group chat privacy settings:

After testing it for quite some time Whatsapp finally rolled out new Group Chat feature which everyone wanted. Getting added in random whatsapp groups was annoying for most people.

This new whatsapp feature allows you to select the audience who can add you in the groups created on whatsapp.

Admins of the groups who can’t add you directly in groups will send you private invite so that you can be added in the group if you want to be a part of it.

Send long voice messages on WhatsApp:

Usually when we send voice messages via whatsapp, they are of max 10 seconds but you can increase the length of these voice messages. 

To do that all you need to do is to:

  • Tap on voice icon.
  • Start recording and drag it upwards,
  • A lock sign will appear, tap that and then you can record for a longer period of time.

Email your chat conversations:

With whatsapp, you can share the entire chat instead of taking screenshots again and again.

To email the chat follow the step.

Settings>> Chat>> Chat History.

Now tap on “Email Chat”.

Select the chat you want to email, it can be with or without images. 

Then email it using the email app of your choice. Emailed chat would be in .txt format.

chat history

WhatsApp Pay:

This is the new feature which would be functional for few countries. You can make payments through your whatsapp without leaving the whatsapp chat. Open the chat to whom you want to transfer money, and the icon from where you share the images, you can see payment option there too.

whatsapp pay

Share WhatsApp status on other Apps:

Want to upload the same status on all your social media Apps? Now with whatsapp’s new feature, you can share your status on other apps too and save all the extra hassle.

online shopping

Online Shopping For Men

With each single passing day, this world has something new to offer to each one of us and out of all those things, the progress made through IT is something which has impacted our lives in the most positive manner. Every new innovation is adding ease to our daily routines and somehow they are becoming necessities for us to survive. We can see that internet is filled with a lot more except the social media usage and e-commerce is on boom with all new tech related progress. And out of all these advancements, buying something from the comfort of your home is a treat. Online shopping for men is the latest trend which can’t be ignored.

Gone are the days when only females were concerned about shopping and used to look for latest trends from time to time but now men are equally concerned about their clothing and look for new fashion statements to suffice their societal fashion trends. With the changes in our lifestyles and trying to cope up with it in the effective manner, we try to go with the trends while not being hard on ourselves and shop easily from our comfort zone.

Online Shopping For Guys Clothes:

We always look for good online shopping stores for guys and Uniworth is the best choice for boys who want a reliable resource to provide them with the complete range of clothing in the affordable price. Finding all those high quality dress shirts, with wide range of polos in different colors and all types of lowers, fine accessories for you to dress up in the best possible manner.

Uniworth online store not only gives you a huge range of products to select from but it also provides you with all the information that you may need to make a wise decision to proceed with your online shopping. Extensive details of products and high resolution images of all products which are properly color matched with the original products to make you feel the product even in its soft form.

Online shopping not only gives you the freedom to go through various products with your finger tip and select something best for yourself but it also provide logistics and deliver your products at your doorstep, be it 1 single shirt or a bulk of products. Get it shipped at the mentioned address, the order can be delivered at your residential address or some other address where you want to have it.

Online menswear shopping is growing rapidly and everyone is trying to provide their customers with the best customer service experience. Once you place your order online, customer service representative will confirm your order. Uniworth provides a unique customer service experience to its customer to make their shopping experience a memorable one.

They try to provide lifetime experience to all their customers with their fine quality products and enhanced shopping experience.

QuickBooks Error 15101|| Fix and Solution

If there’s one accounting software that helps reduce paperwork and bookkeeping, it’s QuickBooks. It offers exceptional features to manage finances and generate reports. Notwithstanding several benefits, the software often displays errors that affect the workflow.

A problem common in Quickbooks that users have been complaining about a lot about these days is QuickBooks Error Code 15101. Commonly, this issue is faced while updating payroll or QuickBooks. In this blog, we’ll be providing some easy solutions for the same. We suggest you read them all carefully before using them on your own.


Easy Solutions for Fixing QuickBooks Error 15101

Related to the 15xx series of errors, QuickBooks error 15101 is the same as QuickBooks error 15241. However, the methods to fix these problems are completely different. Take a look at the following solutions to find out how: –

Method 1: Downloading the Digital Signature Certificate

  • In the C drive of your system, look for the QBW32.exe file. It is usually found in Intuit Folder itself.
  • Right button press on the file and choose the Properties option.
  • Then, click on the Digital Signature tab and view if Intuit, Inc is already decided.
  • After that, click Details.
  • The details window will enable you to view the certificate.
  • Continue clicking on the Next until the Finish button arrives. Once it is displayed, click on it immediately.
  • Now, reboot your system and open QB,
  • See if there is a pending update of QuickBooks. In case, update your accounting software once again.

Method 2: Install Anti-Virus or Firewall

Installing a firewall and antivirus protects your system from harmful apps and unwanted access. To resolve the error, you need to set up your antivirus or firewall. Sometimes we terminate blocked firewalls, so make sure you have not blocked them.

Method 3: Access QuickBooks in Safe Mode

You will be surprised to know that Safe Mode includes Windows OS with a minimum number of drivers. It only uses the required drivers to load your system.

Simply Restart your System

Restart your system using the Start menu. If you cannot find the Start menu, it may be because your computer is not returning. You can additionally use the shortcut Alt + Ctrl + Del and select the Log Off option.

There is a chance that your system will not restart if you use the reset button available in your system. It will continue in 30 seconds.

For Windows 8 and Windows 7 Users

Step1: Access Windows Advanced Options by pressing F8 on your keyboard. A dialog box is requesting you whether you want to run safe mode or not? Once apparent, click Yes. let’s you have a more extra computer in your system, use the arrow keys to select the operating system of your choice and then press F8.

Step 2: After clicking Safe Mode with Networking, select the OS to reboot the system and press Enter.

Step 3: As quickly as you log in, click Admin and access the administrator password.

Way 4: Then choose yes, if you are assured of working in safe mode.

Step 5: Open QuickBooks and try the task repeat which failed. Now open QB and check if the error yet exists. If not able to, restart the desktop system and your software will be error-free again.


The above-mentioned solutions have worked for most users. However, if these techniques failed for you, we can help you with it. Our experts are available via our QuickBooks error support phone number to provide proper assistance for issues like QuickBooks error 15215, 15101 and more.

In case you have any recommendations or queries our QuickBooks Support team solves your all queries.