Instagram Features You Need To Know!

Anywhere, whenever there is an ongoing conversation about social networking in the present day, Instagram easily makes it to almost every list. Instagram is effortlessly one of the most prominent and popular applications in the social media world. It has a striking following with an amount of almost one billion daily active users. Instagram has become a distinguished platform for entrepreneurship and other business engagements especially in the domain of fashion and travel. With its enormous following Instagram features are being updated to give its users the best possible experience. 

Here are some of the key Instagram features that everybody would be pleased to know about. 

Personalized Fonts 

If you are looking for something different or something to stand out in your profile one of the ways is to use different font styles in your profile information. Simply choose your favorite quote or font style and size from any third source and simply copy paste it in your bio. Not everyone is aware of this hack and it will certainly give your bio an interesting and exciting outlook 

Explore Instagram Users Effortlessly

You want to stay in touch and updated on the latest Instagram news and happenings but don’t have an Instagram account?

Or you want to stay connected to or shop through Instagram? Or if there is any other motive, no worries you can look up people/pages or Instagram users without having your own account. One way of doing so is to search simply by joining in the username with the Instagram web address. For instance if you type in , this will take you to the account of the specific username.

Plan Your Future Posts

This is especially of use to people with a business account on Instagram or if you have a busy schedule but you also wish for an active Instagram engagement and are in the habit of posting pictures every day or several times a day, you can actually choose a time and date in advance for your future posts. All you have to do is switch your account to a business profile and choose accordingly. You can also use a third source or tool (social media website) for scheduling and you can join in your Instagram account and make plans for your upcoming posts.

Favorites Come First 

We all have certain filters that we love more and often use. Most of the time surfing through all the filters seem too exhausting and time consuming. However, Instagram team has taken care of it by allowing you to choose the order of filters as you may like and put the unused ones out of sight In order to do this you need to find the ‘manage’ icon on the right corner of your filter page. For changing the order tap on the lines drawn on the corner of filter that you would like to change position and slide accordingly.


Story Highlights 

Some stories that you post seem to have earned more time online than mere twenty-four hours. This is why Instagram provides with the ‘highlights’ feature. This allows you to choose stories from the past and make highlights that will remain as long as you want them there and you don’t have to be concerned about their disappearing.

Choose Tagged Photos 

This update of Instagram is undoubtedly becoming every ones favorite. In the past the tagged pictures used to be automatically shown on your profile. But now a person can manually choose which pictures and videos will appear on their account. All you need to do is go to settings and tap on ‘tagging options’ and chose the ‘manual’ option.

All these Instagram features will help you to playfully engage with other Instagram users and work more efficiently with this social media application. Make use of these features for a pleasant experience like the one you have always wanted and happy hash tagging!   

shopping malls in lahore

Best Shopping Malls in Lahore

If you are someone who loves to shop and always looking for some nice place to shop your heart out then Lahore is the best place for you. There are numerous shopping malls in Lahore and markets which can meet your shopping needs effectively.

If you get dazed or confused with shops in the street and need to make separate stops from time to time to get hands on what you need then it’s better to head to some mall where all the shops are under one roof and makes it easy for you to roam around in some air-conditioned space.

To name a few shopping malls in Lahore which have all the high end as well as local brands, here is the list of malls which have comparatively greater footfall. Apart from shopping spree there are various other recreational activities at these places. Food court is the highlight too where people can sit and enjoy a nice meal after buying their favorite products.

Shopping Malls in Lahore

Emporium Mall

Located in the middle of Johar Town, Emporium mall is not limited to shopping only. From shopping to food to movies to play area to hotel, you can surely find everything under one roof.

They also have an elaborate parking area which is managed effectively. Having around 12 gates from all sides, it makes it easy during busy days.

Address: Abdul Haque Rd, adjacent to Lahore International Expo Centre، Trade Centre Commercial Area Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab

emporium mall

Packages Mall – Where Lahore Comes to Shop

This extravagant shopping mall is not only limited to shopping now. Located in the DHA area this place is now a weekend getaway for most of the people. Once you visit packages mall, you won’t feel the need to go abroad to meet your shopping expeditions. 

It’s food court is all about fancy food and cuisines, apart from having a dedicated area for food they also have desi outdoor food street.

Address: Walton Road, Near Factory Area Nishtar Town, Lahore, Punjab 75400

Amanah Mall 

Situated in the commercial hub of Lahore, Amanah Mall is the heart of model town, link road.

Every single thing at single place is the maximum one could ask for. You can easily find all those latest trends hitting trends in the market at this place. Offering everything you can think of at this place. Having 8 floors and 4 basements to meet all your recreational needs.

4 basements are specifically designed for parking purpose and is spacious enough to accommodate the maximum turnout. First 4 floors of this mall comprise of all retail outlets having premium store of Shirt and Tie Shop along with all other reputed national and international brands.

Other floors are mostly serve the recreational purpose having a cinepax cinema, Trampoline Park along with an amusement park, food court as well as fitness club. It also has 50 suits to entertain people regarding hospitality and offer an exclusive experience so that people can enjoy their stay completely.

Address: Model Town Link Rd, G.E.C.H.S. Phase 2 Muhammadpura, Lahore, Punjab 54600


9C Mall is located right in the heart of Lahore and most of the people head to this place for their regular shopping. This place has a lot to offer in terms of eateries and shopping outlets and that too of top notch quality.

It also has a food court on the rooftop to suffice your hunger needs along with a spacious parking lot featuring valet service. All these facilities along with the famous brands housed in a single building is what one may need.

Address: 9 MM Alam Rd, Block B 2 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab

Mall of Lahore

With an area of 60,000 square meters and having around 70 stores this mall is situated in Cantt area of Lahore. It is a project of Bahria Town owners and they tried their best to provide with the hospitality as well as shopping services at one place.

A shoppers paradise has it all – you can find shops, entertainment, food and a lot more in this one huge area. Spoilt for choices this place is good news for all those whose game name is shopping.

Address: 172 Tufail Rd, near Cantt, Cantt, Lahore, Punjab 54810

Mall of Defence

Mall of Defence is the staple for all those who are living on the other side of defence. One can literally spend a full day at this place with friends or children. This mall has all those things which you might be looking for some recreational activity. 

Lovely food court, high end stores, fun factory park is a treat to be gone. Comprising of 10 floors and having parking facility of more than 600 cars, this is a perfect place for your leisure time.

Address: P-Block, D.H.A, Main Ghazi Road, Lahore

mall of defence

Gulberg Galleria

The best thing about this mall is its location and the facilities it offers. Spacious parking and convenient shopping experience for disabled people adds value to this shopping destination.

This place attracts all those people who are interested in luxurious clothing and fine dining. 

Having an elegant internal and external design this place is surely a retail therapy.

Address: 18 Gulberg Boulevard Gulberg Lahore 

Fortress Square

It is one of the iconic malls in the country at this time have a mixture of shopping outlets, restaurants, cinema and what ever one can think to have a meaningful day out. A perfect place to hangout, but usually it gets busy on weekends. So watch out before heading to this amazing market space. 

Address: Fortress Stadium، Mian Mir Bridge, Saddar Town, Lahore, Punjab 54000

famous restaurants in lahore

Famous Restaurants in Johar Town

All the people residing in Johar Town or in the areas nearby, gone are the days when you had to drive to gulberg or defence to dine out at some decent place. Now all the famous restaurants have their branches here and you can easily find a place to go for having lunch or dinner or you can even host your guests over there.

With the expansion housing societies and all new development, Johar Town is certainly becoming the food hub. Now you do not need to go to other sides of Lahore just to dine in some decent places, you can easily find restaurants nearby. Out of all, here is a list of few restaurants in johar town which may prove to be a better idea.

Rice Bowl

This eatery offers extensive chinese food range and can surely impress anyone with it’s food quality and interior. Quantity offered is sufficient for the price this place offers. Their menu is mostly a bowl of rice or chow mein along with a main entree which may include fish, chicken or beef.

The menu splits into two options; standard or premium and you get to choose what you want to have. Apart from the main course they also have dessert range to select from. 

famous restaurants in johar town


Arcadian is the restaurant which made its mark quite early. Anyone who loves to have fine pan asian cuisine is familiar with this place and nothing could beat the happiness of people when this restaurant opened in Emporium Mall. Its interior is something which is always appreciated and their food quality is unmatchable. Their menu mostly comprises of Italian, Continental and French cuisines, with prices bit high this place is a good option to be considered.

famous restaurants in johar town


CTC (Coffee Tea and Company) as the name suggests it is one of Lahore’s original bakery-coffee shop-delis. It recently opened its doors for its customers in Johar Town. Ideally located next to McDonald’s it’s a perfect place, nice and cozy with warm vibes, to catch up with your friends or your partner.

Its menu offers a wide variety of continental dishes and mouth watering desserts to choose from. Their serving size is enough to fill up your hungry tummy. In the dessert section, their famous Cake Alaska tops the menu.

famous restaurants in johar town

Sweet Tooth

Sweet tooth is known for its unique, innovative but tasteful dishes. They started as dessert shop but now offers full scale menu. Their menu features best of sweet and savory experience. Sadly, the Johar town branch is only offering limited dishes but their dessert menu is full. You can enjoy from their signature like chocolate gol guppay and french toast etc. You can also enjoy their desserts at any time of the day and don’t forget to try their savory Deep Pan Pizza which is especially made for cheese lovers.

sweet tooth restaurant


This flavorsome pan-asian dining restaurant keeps on opening its door in all major food places. The succulent food is surely a treat for the taste buds. If someone wants a good portion of food in a cozy environment then rush to Novu instantly.

famous restaurant in johar town


If you love desi food specially the Afghani cuisine then this is a must go place. From their traditional chappal kebabs to Dumpukht and from Afghani rice to Mutton Roash each and every food from their menu is worth the wait and money. It’s time to enjoy the richness of flavors at fullest. 

qabail restaurant johar town


I’m lovin it! Each one does, this fast food chain is growing like anything and is the only thing which can be found in every other corner of the world. Despite expanding and having its branches all over it is the only restaurant which maintained its food quality and hygiene standards in such manner. A perfect place to go for English breakfast. You can also order online and avail amazing discounts,

Papa Johns

Recently this American pizza franchise opened up in Lahore and they actually opted for Johar Town to start up with. Being the 4th largest Pizza chain in USA they brought all their taste and american styled pizzas in Pakistan which are highly appreciated by most of the people. This menu is not limited to pizzas only but have pastas and desserts too which are quite economical too. So if you are a pizza lover and looking for a decent pizza place then you surely where to go for.


For the love of juiciest grilled burgers this is the place which should be on top of your list. Their charcoal grilled burgers are available both in Chicken and beef options. They also offer mutton and fish burgers which adds to more variety. Recently they have started serving Grilled sandwiches and fish fry which is too good to eat and is best value for money.

This western themed restaurant with a wooden, rustic interior is inspired by Cowboys. They have their branches both in Emporium mall and behind Shaukat Khanam Hospital. They also have full grilled chicken and chicken steaks in their menu along with Cold corner and most liked curly fries. You will surely love each and every bite of the food from their menu.

Big Moe’s

This vibrant and tasteful American dining place will make you lick off the last bite too. The food is complemented with pint sized soft drinks or shakes which suits you best. This place not only offers fresh and succulent burgers but their dessert menu is also to die for. If you are in Emporium Mall and want something fresh then Big Moe is your perfect choice. There lively and 70s style  themed sitting area is also quite an attraction.

Big moe dinner johar town

WhatsApp features and fun hacks!

At this time, whatsApp is the essential commodity of our lives to sustain in the corporate sector and to be socially in. we can’t even think to make our plans, schedule our meetings or share any files and folders without this app. 

To make any content viral, WhatsApp also plays a very important role. Currently, whatsapp features makes it the most popular messaging app and have billions of users. Though it is blocked in few countries still nothing could beat its popularity.

Due to it’s easy to use functionality, it keeps on updating time to time and have features which can cover all social media platforms functionalities in one single App. Here are few features of whatsapp which add more value to this chatting platform which is not limited to chatting now.

WhatsApp status settings:

From all the Whatsapp features, its status is the most fun thing about this app and people post all those videos, quotes, images which they want to share with their contact list, but very few know that they can also adjust their Whatsapp status privacy setting. If you want to upload the story for that 1 special person. Then follow these few single steps and set your Whatsapp status audience according to your need.

Get Message Details:

Sent a message in the group chat and want to see that those who read it? Don’t wait for those ticks to turn blue and check your message read status with this quick tip.

For iphone user, swipe that message right and see the message delivery details whereas android users can long press that message and see when that message was delivered to whom and who read that at what time.

Delete message for everyone if you changed your mind in few minutes:

These self destructive messages is the most fun feature. If you change your mind or sent something wrong then you can delete that message for everyone within 60 minutes.

Backup your Data on google drive:

  • To save your messages for a longer period of time you can keep a backup of your messages, all you need to do is go to
  • Settings>> Chat>> Chat Backup.
  • You’ll see the list of options to select from that how frequently you want to take a backup of your data.

Fingerprint Lock:

The latest update in whatsApp allows you to secure your whatsApp with fingerprint lock. All you need to do is.

  • Settings >> Privacy >> Fingerprint lock
  • Tap on “toggle button” to turn it on.

Whatsapp new group chat privacy settings:

After testing it for quite some time Whatsapp finally rolled out new Group Chat feature which everyone wanted. Getting added in random whatsapp groups was annoying for most people.

This new whatsapp feature allows you to select the audience who can add you in the groups created on whatsapp.

Admins of the groups who can’t add you directly in groups will send you private invite so that you can be added in the group if you want to be a part of it.

Send long voice messages on WhatsApp:

Usually when we send voice messages via whatsapp, they are of max 10 seconds but you can increase the length of these voice messages. 

To do that all you need to do is to:

  • Tap on voice icon.
  • Start recording and drag it upwards,
  • A lock sign will appear, tap that and then you can record for a longer period of time.

Email your chat conversations:

With whatsapp, you can share the entire chat instead of taking screenshots again and again.

To email the chat follow the step.

Settings>> Chat>> Chat History.

Now tap on “Email Chat”.

Select the chat you want to email, it can be with or without images. 

Then email it using the email app of your choice. Emailed chat would be in .txt format.

chat history

WhatsApp Pay:

This is the new feature which would be functional for few countries. You can make payments through your whatsapp without leaving the whatsapp chat. Open the chat to whom you want to transfer money, and the icon from where you share the images, you can see payment option there too.

whatsapp pay

Share WhatsApp status on other Apps:

Want to upload the same status on all your social media Apps? Now with whatsapp’s new feature, you can share your status on other apps too and save all the extra hassle.

DARAZ 11.11, Ab Hoga Na Dobara

The most talked Sale of the time is just happening and is certainly making noise.

If you are availing discounts from this online store or not, you are definitely going to talk about it. Daraz which was acquired by Chinese business tycoon, Ali Baba is trying to fool around with Pakistanis, but they didn’t know we are not that easy to be played with.

Here is what awam had to say about this sale which started on 11 November and is named as DARAZ11.11

Yeh Gyara Gyara ab hoga na Dobara!

Actually Daraz charge 30% from vendors on each product, that’s why they(vendors) are forced to increase the prices else only daraz would be only earning from their products. However, people are not that lazy that they would be paying double the amount instead of going to the nearest store. This time you tried to play the WRONG ones. 😀