Asim and Hania

Hania Amir and Asim Azhar’s Relationship Status

The recent interview of Hania Aamir with Aima Baig on social media where Hania answered a fan’s question on her relationship status, made quite a buzz all over the internet and the twitter game doesn’t seem to stop any time soon.

Hania Amir and Asim Azhar are trending on twitter and all those memes are funny enough to make anyone roll on the ground. A fan asked the question if Hania is still in relation with Asim to which she responded that we are good friends, best friends but not in any kind of relationship.

This happened last night and since then no one can stop discussing these two cuties. Let’s take a look at a few tweets which are hard to ignore.

hania and asim

This image is created in the reference of Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroze Sabzwari. Once Sadaf commented on Shahroze’s and Syra Yousaf’s picture “Favorite couple” and soon they both broke up due to her.

Asim and Hania

As if all the boys were waiting for this day. 😀

Asim and Hania

If there had to be any award in this regard then surely Asim would be the winner.

Asim and Hania

This one conversation of Hania with her fans surely changed everything.

Asim and Hania

Despite all the trolling and fun memes, there are still some people who are feeling bad for Asim, because deep down we all knew that these two were a lot more than friends.

Asim Azhar

We all are waiting to hear Asim’s side of the story so that we can get a clear picture of what is actually happening.


Artificial Intelligence Taking Over Jobs


Twentieth century was characterized by marked industrialization and technology taking over the world. Technology started from modification of simple things such as using a computer or software for data arrangement to the advanced tech manifestation such as artificial intelligence and machine intelligence. Industrial revolution was distinguished by many technological changes which ultimately had an effect on all possible factors of everyday life whether directly or indirectly. The utmost difference that was caused by this revolution was the lifestyle change. It took the living standards to whole another level with advancements in every field including transport, nature of work, housing systems, communication methods, food availability, and mass production. Revolution brought a change including technological tools, machines and items to use in the fields, factories and industries and this is why nature of work life and how humans live in the present world is entirely different from old times.

Robotics and Its Role In the Modern World

A branch of knowledge which involves both science and mathematics to design and create machines (robots) that can be used as a substitution of individuals and mimic their actions and human behavior. Robots can be of various shapes and sizes with different functionality and accordingly used for different purposes. With the technological advancements in 20th century robotics has been one of the fastest growing fields and been paving its way into all aspects including industrial, household, medical, agricultural or military work. There have been developed robots of various types which are able to perform different functions and are of use in different fields. For instance major robot implementation in various fields and how they work is explained below.

  • Military Robots 

These are the robots used in the dangerous situations where lives are at stake they perform functions such as seek, evacuate, defend and attack. Many robots are used for military purposes especially by US military and many are in the process of creation. Such robots are a substitution for the soldiers who would be in a life threatening situation or battlefield. Various kinds of robots are being developed with different kinds of applications including patrolling, keeping an eye with cameras and attacking an intruder or for border assignment etc.

  • Industrial Robots 

The massive utilization of robots is seen in industrial field. Five years back the reported number of industrial robots performing activities was 1.64 million and has been growing ever since. These robots are auto-mated and programmed to perform certain tasks which include organizing, collecting, dismantling etc. robots have now replaced jobs that were too dangerous for workers to do such as in mines, on extreme heights, working with enormous weights, welding or other jobs which required working in extreme temperatures. Not only this in order to increase mass production the jobs such as of arranging, inspection of products, labeling of products are taken care by robots now in an increased speed and with more accuracy which previously were done by the laborers but at much lower rate in the factories 

  • Medical Robot 

Advance medical centers are now equipped with robots working alongside humans. The most used form of robots is ‘telemanipulator’ that is controlled by a person (surgeon) on the one hand and performs the required operation on the other. There are surgical robots created which if programmed can perform the surgery in the absence of a doctor.  Rehabilitators are built for the management, therapy and take care of patients especially the elderly or someone who has a disability. There have been robots developed and used to clean and disinfect areas and rooms as required. However, these robots are rare and need a lot of work on them before they will be used at a larger scale.

  • Domestic Robots 

These are used mainly for doing house hold activities but can also involve in performing education, entertainment or other relevant tasks. From doing dishes to cleaning floors or even ironing clothes robots are performing all activities. There are robots made specifically for providing security and alarming in the presence of an intruder. The jobs of house cleaning, dish washing, ironing all household chores are now also done by robots instead of workers.

  • Agriculture Robots 

This is one of the major fields where robots have been used. Taking care of harvest, providing the right conditions, picking up ripped fruits, using sprays and fertilizers to protect crops are a few jobs that are now done by robots instead of laborers. This industry is ever growing and with the use of robots in industry its estimated worth is supposed to reach almost twelve billion in next five years.

Robots Substituting Laborers 

According to estimation almost eight billion people are assumed to lose their jobs and replaced by robots or machines. Especially in richer nations the workers are supposed to be replaced by the automated machines and need to retrain for work in other fields or for other kinds of job.

Following will be the most effected jobs.

  • Data Entry Relevant Jobs 

Such jobs which are associated with data entrance, gathering information, highlighting ideas, converting data formats, coping data from one place to another or any job which requires merely such skills will be replaced by artificial intelligence in coming years.

data entry
  • Journalism 

Artificial intelligence will be able to gather data more precisely, with a more in depth-analysis and more accurately do the constructive criticism on the available information and happenings.

  • Drivers  

After rechargeable cars the latest invention of auto –pilot and artificial intelligence and with successful attempts of AI driving cars and taking them for large distances the regular taxi driver might find their work effected. Moreover with multi- national companies providing taxi services for example uber , using automated taxis with AI will definitely change the nature of  this job availability.

  • Industrial work

This industry is the first one to experience change with the technological inventions and the most affected one until date. Whether it is working in factories or on construction sites loads of jobs in this sector will be taken over by the robots. Packing, inspection, assembly, labeling etc. all such activities are now performed by automated robots and already have replaced human jobs.

  • Agricultural work

Using robots has proved to be more efficient than laborers working in the fields and this is why it has been used and it is a part of future plan to use these robots for the work in fields especially in harvesting.

  • Telecommunicates and customer services

With AI and ML in the play, and availability of chat boxes and much more customized AI services available to customers waiting on lines or online will not be preferred by many people.

Advantages of Technology Use 

The most significant advantage is the saving of lives which otherwise might be endangered or under a constant threat.

With robots use the mass production of food and other life necessities has become more advance ad fast and things are easily available.

Another advantage is the accuracy and efficiency added to each task. One might say the robots are programmed to work or strive to work perfectly and give results that are unquestionable. 

Disadvantages of Technology Use

The major crisis that we are facing due to excessive technology use is the replacement of people by robots or AI. It is supposed that in richer countries almost forty-five percent of jobs will be taken over. This is going to have a great influence on the lives of people globally.

What to do about it?

The most productive way of dealing with any problem is to look for solutions the same goes with this issue. Many people have the opinion that all we need to do is re-train the employers learn skills that are required to thrive in the jobs of different nature. Use of automated robots and AI in industries has proven and expected to increase economy in millions. Hence while taking in consideration the consequences; use of robots can be productive for the mankind.

treks and trails

Treks & Trails – Pakistan Travel Agency

The previous year was a breath of fresh air for Pakistan in regards to the tourists’ attention. Because of this remarkable response and promotions, Pakistan has made it to the top three destinations in the entire world that almost everyone wants to pay a visit to. Consequently with this growing amount of visitors a lot of people are looking for a travel agency with which they can plan their trip all over Pakistan.

However with increased number of options it can be overwhelming, what to choose, which company to go with. One of the best possible options is ‘Trek and trails- Pakistan.

Why Choose Treks and Trails?

While searching for the tourist company to travel with, the most tempting thing for a traveler is affordable price. You want to come across something that you will be able to enjoy but most importantly also pay for it without putting a burden over yourself. Treks and trails get this concern of the travelers and provide them with the most competitive and economical trips which they can not find anywhere else. It comes up with packages that are so intriguing and have incredibly fair costs that make you want to book a trip right away.

There is more to the fun, together with modest prices there are several other activities which are a part of packages that you can book. Activities are region specific and anything that is a specialty of that place or region is included in the package of that area. Whether its surfing, cliff jumping, jet skiing, trekking, enjoying traditional events, tasting all kinds of conventional cuisines, or any other fun activity which you can think of will be a part of your experience.

trip image

While traveling away time management is the most important factor to take into account. Having late departures or arrivals or having your time being wasted out there is something no one wants to experience. This is exactly why treks and trails’ staff takes special care and put their maximum efforts in planning  trips in a way that you get to visit maximum number of places in appropriate amount of time and the trip goes as planned.

While traveling, a crucial element that plays a key role in a person’s entire experience is people around and the company one has. Having a rigid or dull staff around can lead to an unpleasant or poor experience. However, if you choose to travel with treks and trails you do not have to be concerned at all then. The staff is open, adaptable, accommodating, cheer-full and fun to be around.

Treks and trails come up with a wide range of packages including one day trips, weekly tours or more. Not only that, customized trips can be flexibly planned according to the convenience of the travelers.

Don’t believe it? No worries, you can go to their Facebook page and take a look at the authentic reviews from all the people who have chosen treks and travels and had remarkable experiences. This will help you in making the right decision of choosing you next travel agency to go with. So, choose the right package, get ready and happy traveling!  

auto insurance

Auto Insurance Companies

Why do I need to get auto insurance? Is a query that we all have in our minds when buying a vehicle or exchanging one. We all come across insurance promotions on various social media platforms on a regular basis but only a few of us genuinely are aware of the insurance benefits one can get. Same goes for getting our car insured most of the people leave this business for later or some don’t get any insurance until after an incident. What we don’t realize is why it is so significant to have car insurance. It is because it allows you to be well-prepared financially if some incident occurs. An accurate type of insurance policy will cover the costs if

  • In case any damage occurs to your vehicle through an accident or if somebody steals your car, burns it or any sort of vandalism occurs.
  • If an accident occurs it will take care of the damage not only to your vehicle but also the other party involved.
  • Also it provides financial security to the people involved if anybody is hurt or their health has been compromised, could be riders, drivers or people walking by or doing their chores.

Types of Auto Insurance 

Generally three kinds of auto insurance are provided.

Comprehensive Insurance

It protects you when an accident is considered to be your fault or when an accident happens because of third party’s mistake and cannot be proved for instance if your car is hit and the person at the other end fled away. Without insurance you would have to pay for the repair damage yourself on the other hand with the comprehensive policy insurance,

Third party

The policy that has been made a compulsion under the Pakistan vehicles act, is for covering up the damage costs if any incident occurs and is your responsibility. It covers both damage to a person or a possession.

3-T insurance

It provides a combined protection in case of any damage to your vehicle or a third party or against any other issue such as vandalism or loss of your car.

Pakistani Insurance Companies 

There are many insurance companies in Pakistan that are considered to be trustworthy while

  • Adamjee Insurance  

This company has its setup in Pakistan and in UAE. Being mentioned among all stock exchanges in Pakistan speaks for the reliability of the company itself. And they provide with all kinds of motor insurance policies

  • EFU – Insurance 

One of the earliest companies it is a widely accepted and credible company with its headquarters running in Karachi and Lahore. It comes up with a number of motor and vehicles assurance policies.

  • IGI-Insurance 

Providing insurance for several versatile motors, marine, traveling or vehicles used in fire departments, it is the most marketed and promoted company with its offices working in many big cities of the country.

  • Jubilee Insurance 

With a huge amount of net premium and a solid financial base this company stays in the top few. A larger than life experience

  • TPL-Direct Insurance

The only company which initiated the free of cost TPL tracking services. Developed recently it’s one of the fastest growing and a direct selling organization of Pakistan.

It is essential for one to have a car insured and this article provides with the basics one needs to be aware of. Now all you gotta do is t

Life Insurance and Its Importance

What is Life Insurance? 

Let’s start with what a life insurance is, it is basically an agreement between two parties an assurer and a policyholder it commonly constitutes the arrangement in which the policy holder pays a fixed amount to the insurer in episodes or a sum amount commonly referred to as ‘premium’ and upon the death of the policy holder, the insurer pays back a certain amount of money in bulk form. Various types of insurance are available and certain situations for example an accidental death or a chronic terminal illness can be a part of the arrangement and activate the payment.

Types of Insurance 

  • Complete life insurance is the simplest form which constitutes of both factors of shelter and investment. With investment factor amount can be saved up and assembled and the person can draw out as they desire. This policy covers all life, death interests and families can retrieve the premium value when the policyholder has expired. However, one important detail is that which this policy the premium amounts are not flexible at all and a set amount will be received as the premium.
  • Marriage and education scheme is for certain events as the name implies these schemes are provided for the assistance during the events relevant to a child’s education or their marriage. The nature of this scheme is of present occupancy, if the holder dies during the time until which the policy is intact; family receives premium payments in the name of the policy holder. It also provides chunks of premium to the family members periodically an annuity to those who are left behind the policy holder.
  • Endowment policy is one of the most popular ones it includes the settlement in which a lump sum is paid to the holder or the family of a person on the death or after the maturity of the policy. Usually maturity can be within the range of ten to twenty years and comes up with an age limit. The benefactor can choose for themselves the amount of money they desire to be saved up and when their policy matures.
  • Single-premium scheme involves paying a single large amount at a time instead of the small installments as a premium. This policy provides a benefit at death which is ensured until the death of the policy holder. Many factors affect the amount of death benefit it includes the health factors along with age of the holder and also the value which has been funded in the name of the holder in the first place.

Why is Insurance Policy Important?

When making a plan, the first thing that comes into mind is the unpredictability of this life that we live. This is exactly why we need to feel safe and be assured that if something happens out of the blue (sudden accidental death, financial loss etc.) or any other set back in life we will be financially secure and an insurance policy does exactly that. It allows you to be mentally relaxed and be less concerned about the sudden problems or financial losses in life and just for yourself but you also keep your family safer. Many companies provide insurances of education, houses, health and other possessions. There are as many options as one may like and you can definitely find something which works for them. Having insurance makes life easier and more predictable in certain aspects. Therefore one should definitely get insurance.

Several working companies provide a variety of policies in Pakistan. The list of most secure and trustworthy companies includes Jubilee, EFU, United, Agro and Alpha insurance company. These provide a range of policies with multiple benefits and security while taking into mind our cultural and social factors. You can visit the offices or get started by exploring online and pave your path towards a more financially stable life.

insta marketing

Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram has become the center for social media influencers and is used as a platform for all kinds of businesses and marketing these days. Are you are planning to launch your own business or want to start your career as an entrepreneur on Instagram? Or have you been searching for some amazing ways to promote a brand or a product of any type? Then you are surely in the right place. Here are a few Instagram marketing tips that will take your business journey to a long way.

Hash-tagging Name 

It’s one of the most effective ways to build a name for your brand or product

Pose Your Account as “Business”

It is a basic move and why is it a necessity? It’s of importance because it allows a direct contact between you and your potential customers or followers.

insta business

Gain Awareness About Feedback 

Keeping track of the feedback is an efficient way of increasing the following. Instagram business accounts have a number of available tools which will provide you an inside information such as what kind of posts are getting more feedback and at what time, about the consumer base and engagement and much more.

Customer’s Reviews 

To increase the authenticity level of your brand name and products, a simple hack is to share the feedback and photos from your buyers. This makes the audience or possible buyers to trust your brand without any concern. It helps in building up a good consumer’s foundation for your business.

Influencers Support

One of the quickest ways to grab the attention of the Instagram audience is to build an association with an Instagram influencer anyone who already has a huge following and can help you get the required exposure for your brand or business. Teaming up with an already established entrepreneur is always a good idea for your business.

Being Sponsored

Being sponsored is a constructive way to increase your audience because this allows you to interact with an audience which is not among your followers. This can also be applied for a specific audience which you would like to convert into your following in the near future.

Instagram Stories  

Everybody likes a good video or story on Instagram, so you can share your brand journey and show how your products are made or where it all started and how it grew into something that you have today. You can be innovative with your ideas there are many options to discover on how to connect with your audience.


with these strategies on your hand you are ready and equipped to begin your business journey on Instagram. Pave the path of your future success in no time with these Instagram marketing tips.


The Power of Gratitude and Gratitude Examples

Derived from a Latin term “gratus”, being thankful and grateful is generally known as “gratitude”. But what exactly is gratitude and how does it affect our lives? Gratitude has been studied and been a part of almost every religion’s teachings for as long as a man can remember. It has been a subject of interest of great minds and thinkers of all times. With the advances in psychological research man has come across the remarkable benefits of gratitude and remains in awe to this day with the growing knowledge of the positive effects this emotion has on the human mind and body. 

Gratitude allows you to consciously value things that we so easily take for granted. It allows you to identify the worth of something in your life and that worth is not based on its materialistic value. Significance of a thing depends on how much importance it have and gratitude gives you the pleasure of finding worth in every little which you are blessed with. It permits you to choose whether you are going to be grateful or will find another reason to cry for. Therefore, it’s an understanding that comes from inside of a person and offers infinite advantages for one’s mental health.

 Combat with Negativity 

stay positive

The power of gratitude can not be ignored and one will see how it is adding value to one’s life. The first and foremost benefit that you gain from gratitude is the ability to counter negative thoughts and emotions. Identifying and counting your blessings and the good in everything in life on a conscious level increases the level of positive emotions. Consequently one may experiences increased ‘life satisfaction’ and ‘well-being’.

For instance, studies show that writing gratitude letters or keeping a journal increases the use of positive words which in turn highlights the positive emotions and not only that it shifts your attention from negative towards positive and helps you neglect the negativity. This is exactly why gratitude has been proven to decrease and aid with clinical depression, anxiety and other mental health problems. 

It needs to be practiced constantly and you will see the power of gratitude in the long run. A few pointers that can help in practicing are given below:

Stay Determined!

Persistence and gratitude go hand in hand and together will lead you to a path of utmost happiness.

Be Specific!

Be specific with your list of gratitude for instance, instead of noting down I am grateful for a good life write down the little details or pleasures that live lets you enjoy even if it is a good cup of coffee with a loved one.

Practice Gratitude!

Gratitude practice is not about trying to stop or block the negative things in life instead it’s all about where you want to pay your attention and which aspect will you focus on by choosing to look at the bright side on little things and things we find trivial, we teach our minds to perceive positively about the things we consider of primary importance.

Factors That Motivate!

The factor that increases our internal motivation to do something is that we get to choose how and when to do it. Keeping a journal or making lists is an effective way to practice however it’s not the only way; you can personalize these practices and do them in a way that you find more interesting and fun and something that works with your personality.

Share Your Gratitude!

Sharing your gratitude practice with loved ones and people you work or socialize with has enormous positive effects not only for your being but it also builds the relationships stronger and helps you grow your social and personal bonds with people around you. For example giving a thank you note to someone at your workplace who inspires you or helped you in any way.

Integrating gratitude in daily life is easy and a key ingredient in the making of a happy and content life. Start today and let yourself feel all the joys and pleasure that this beautiful life has to offer.

Explore Washington DC in Low Budget

If you are planning on visiting Washington DC for a day and you are on a limited budget then you landed at the right place. The below mentioned is the firsthand experience and a step by step guide to spend 24 hours to explore Washington DC in Low budget. Roam around and stay in hostel which is under 50 dollars and some more to do things that you should consider before you plan your next visit.

Places to Visit

Union Station

Opened in 1907, Union Station serves as major train station, transportation hub and leisure destination in Washington DC. Arrive by any major bus services or by train in the morning and get mesmerized by the architectural design of both of its interior and exterior. Therefore, one can easily spend 45 minutes to 1 hour in Union Station, enjoy its food court or take pictures in waiting hall or outside the building near the fountain.

Library of Congress

The best way to reach Library of congress from Union Station is through a 20 minutes walk while passing through many famous buildings like ‘Hart Senate Office building’ and ‘Supreme Court of the United States’.

The Library of Congress is the largest library in the world, with a collection of more than 32 million cataloged books in many different languages. The library of congress consist of three buildings on Capitol Hill with the Thomas Jefferson as the main building. The entry to all the three building is free and one can easily pass his time in exploring the library of congress. So, take pictures of this historical architectural beauty which is a best way to explore Washington DC in Low budget.

United States Capitol

The best way to reach Capitol from the Library of Congress is through 5 minutes walk.

The United States Capitol or the Capitol Building is the home of the United States Congress. The all white exhilarating building is a marvel of history which embed in itself great lessons from the past. The building has a big dome like structure with Statue of Freedom on top of it. The Capitol offers free daily one hour guided walking tour to the visitors while they enrich themselves with the history of the United States.

Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum

The best way to reach Air Space Museum from Capitol is through 2 minutes walk.

The Air Space museum is one of the most visited museum in the United States. It contains the Apollo 11 command module, the Friendship 7 capsule which was flown by John Glenn, Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis, the Bell X-1 which broke the sound barrier, the model of the star-ship Enterprise used in the science fiction television show Star Trek: The Original Series, and the Wright brothers’ airplane near the entrance. One can easily spend one to two in hours in exploring the museum and enjoying the activities in contains.

Washington Monument

The best way to reach Washington Monument from Air Space Museum is through 5 min walk while passing by other Smithsonian Museums.

The Washington Monument structure is like an obelisk stand tall in the center of the National Mall in Washington, D.C., which was built to commemorate George Washington, who was the first President of the United States.

World War 2 Memorial

The best way to reach World War 2 Memorial from Washington Museum is through 2 min walk.

The World War 2 Memorial is situated near to the Washington monument in National Mall. It is dedicated to the Americans who served in the armed forces during World War 2. It is surrounded by many pillars and a pair of triumphal arches along with a different fountain pools that looks awesome when lit at night. Resting beside the pool in peaceful day make you feel both comfortable and take you back into the past while watching all the war portraits.

The White House

The best way to reach The White House from World War 2 Memorial is through 10 min walk while passing The Ellipse Park.

The White House is the official residence of the President of the United States. In order to visit The White House you should book your free slot 3 months in advance. Otherwise you can only take photos of the back of White House from ‘Ellipse’ side and the Front from ‘Lafayette Square’.

White house

DuPont Circle

The best way to reach DuPont Circle from The White House is to take Metro from Farragut North to DuPont Circle Station. 

Located in the ‘Old City’ of Washington, DC and is bounded with populated neighborhood. The DuPont is famous for its as well as all the local eateries around. You can take away your food from any of the local restaurant and sit in the circle while enjoying the food and the chattering of the crowd.


The best way to reach Georgetown from DuPont Circle is to take Bus from P St+20th St to Dumbarton St + Wisconsin Ave

Famous not only for high class shopping but also for scenic views, restaurants and many charms of being the oldest and beautiful town of Washington DC. You can easily spend all your day involving in different entertainment and commercial activities for instance shopping, eating or any of the spa/saloons it offers.

Potomac River + Georgetown Cupcakes

Bring some cupcakes from the Georgetown oldest bakery shop and enjoy them eating while sitting beside the beautiful Potomac river and enjoy the sunset while breathing in the fresh breeze.

The Wharf and Georgetown Waterfront

Hop onto any water taxi and explore the DC’s riverfront communities from Georgetown to Wharf. Enjoy viewing many attractions and live music while at The Wharf.

Jefferson Memorial

The best way to reach Jefferson Memorial from The Wharf is through 10 mins walk.

The Jefferson Memorial is a presidential memorial containing the statue of President Franklin D. Roosevelt. 

 Jefferson Memorial

Lincoln Memorial

The best way to reach Lincoln Memorial from Jefferson Memorial is through 10 mins walk.

The Lincoln Memorials has all its glory under the white marble of most prominent building to view from the Potomac River side. The building is all lit at sunset, therefore, present one of the best views. It is open throughout the day and one can easily go inside at night. You can enjoy the beautiful night view of National Mall while sitting on the stairs of the memorial. This night experience is totally mesmerizing and one would fall in love easily.

Place to stay

Highroad Hostel 

Located in the heart of Washington DC and in a legendary neighborhood called Adam Morgan. This is the best hostel with all modern amenities with most affordable rates of just under $50 a night. 


The best way to roam around Washington DC is to use local transport which include Uber Pool or Lyft. If you want to visit more places in less time then use e-bikes or rental scooters. For long distances use Metro which is a much cheaper and feasible option.

Famous Places to Eat Out

The local eateries where you can enjoy low cost but tasty food are as follows:

  • Halal Guys near DuPont Circle
  • Sakina Halal Grill near City Center
  • Georgetown Falafel
  • Gyros near Georgetown
  • Shawarma from District Chicken

To sum up visiting Washington DC not necessarily mean to spend a hefty amount. One can easily experience this place with limited cash in hand. Surely a treat for all those who are always looking to visit new place.