Greatest Upcoming Tech Trends in 2020

2020 marks the start of a brand new decade; with this new beginning we will be enlightened with various new technological inventions or previously existing creations modified in innovative ways. This commencing year there are many things in store that are going to grab attention worldwide. Technological advancements are going to transform the present lifestyle in a number of ways. Let’s take a look at the most anticipated tech trends of 2020.  

Technology Trends

Electronic Sims

This year is supposedly the year of commercial launch of e-sims and we can look forward to various applications and e-sim services which will be made available for the common masses. People will be able to use the facilities provided by the electronic sims and will not have to stand by until the new sim is sent to you through post or will not have to go out in order to buy one. Even though e-sims are already present however they will be commercialized and will be made accessible in general.

Sleep Technology 

The growing awareness and emphasis on the mental health has also led to the progress of tech trends that monitors the health of body and brain. Sleep technology will be in the limelight this year. Devices have been made which will detect, scan and record our brain activities, blood regulation levels of various components in the brain and body. Development of portable devices such as watches are taken into consideration and could be a thing that work will be done in the present year.

Machine Learning vs. Frauds  

Artificial intelligence is the future, there are many applications of AI one of these is Machine learning which lets devices adapt accordingly without being programmed. There have been a huge number of scams reported through phone calls involving credits, money or information. This has led to companies to try and make an effort to use machine learning to combat such fraud and protect their customers from such troubles.

Digital Twins and their Applications 

A digital twin is a model of a physical thing or entity. This digital twining makes it possible to combine the physical and virtual realities. With the help of such twins, for instance of a motor vehicle we are able to analyze the effects of certain conditions and factors over something (if an accident happens how much load or temperature body of a vehicle will handle etc.) Artificial intelligence and machine learning can also be a key assistance in the process of making a prediction about various conditions and what to do about it and allows you to choose the right course of action.

Human Augmentation 

Using technology or medicines in order to increase or enhance human capacities and capabilities is what human augmentation is. There has been increased research that how technology can help human mind and body to reach its maximum potential. There are a few companies who have created by now and are trying to make devices which can be used in various situations for example in industries or factories. The devices can be worn by the workers in workplaces which require maximum physical effort and can increase work productivity and effectiveness.

Electric Cars 

It is anticipated that this year electric cars will be the trend. They will be marketed and be available commercially. Leading companies are counted on to develop more electric cars of various sizes and models. This innovation will help to travel long distances within the city while accommodating families with greater number of people.

Various tech trends and devices that are the manifestations of the work of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are going to be the most fascinating and captivating technology trends of the year. Let us now wait and see how the technology brings changes to the world in 2020. This year is all about multidimensional ways in which a work can be done.


Entrepreneurship Significance and its Benefits


Commonly referred to as the making of a business entrepreneurship is a process which constitutes initiating, creating, growing and managing a business usually from a small scale. Individuals who make their businesses administer them are called entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship comes with pronounced risks as a factor along with making a profit. The most definite illustration of entrepreneurship is the starting a small scale business with a unique idea and upgrading your product and company to a high-profile business with the right struggle over the time period. Entrepreneurship Significance cannot be ignored in a society where jobs are being replaced by machines.

Moreover the comprehensive definition by which entrepreneurship is defined comprises not just creating and administering a business it also involves operating in an innovative way. That is creating, exploring, taking action on opportunities for your business and converting your products or business into a commercial and innovative label or brand. It’s not just about starting a new business. It also entails identifying and implanting maximum potential of a business idea or of already existing businesses’.

Elements of Entrepreneurship

The key elements that are a part of entrepreneurial process are as follows
Its innate nature is supposedly profitable and effective.
An infinite loop of innovative ideas characterizes entrepreneurship.
Chance of inevitable risk goes hand in hand with every business.

Significance of Entrepreneurship

Economic Growth

All entrepreneurs and business companies are liable to pay taxes to the government. Hence, such businesses’ play a crucial role by acting as an income source for the state. The taxes provided to the government can be used for establishment of various facilities for the common masses. This amount support many other projects for development of the nation. Also it includes using innovative schemes and plans to gain maximum production from minimal resources and input. All these number of factors represent the significance of entrepreneurship for the development of an economy.

Advance Businesses

When a new business starts it not only increases the productivity of commodities and goods as well as increases the facilities and assistance provided to people. The availability of such companies becomes a source of employment for large number of masses. Not only this with partnerships and collaboration with other companies and institutes, leads to a positive cycle of change and development of numerous institutes and organizations which ultimately has a productive influence on an individual level too. Also innovation is the key influence in every business which brings up- to- dated and most advanced technology and other items in the market. Such latest tech items have lead us all to live trouble free the best possible life one could imagine for.

Developing Countries and Entrepreneurship

Developing countries need entrepreneurship the most and here is why. First of all entrepreneurs hire skilled graduates and young people with fresh minds and ideas. This not only leads to an increased employment rate of the country but also adds value to revenue. The more the businesses’ the more will be job positions. Having competitive companies working will bring in the availability of services and products within an economic range. A lot of products or devices that one considers out of their range can be bought from some other company and brand which gives out the same product in an affordable price comparatively.

Acknowledge Research

The most significant educational benefits of entrepreneurship and innovation are the research and funding for research. Huge companies give a proportion of their profits or provide funds to many educational institutes to work for innovative projects. They later add those projects in their company’s lists. These also provide short term paid internships or prizes to students or grants to institutes or departments who work and come up with radical and new schemes relevant to their field and collaborate with them accordingly.
If there is no entrepreneurship and self-employment, there will be fewer services, less job opportunities, less available options and facilities. Without original and revolutionary ideas same conventional ideas will be repeated over and over again.
Hence, there are more than a hand-full benefits of entrepreneurship and they add up to the growth at both large and small scales in a society.


A Guide to Start Your Custom Headwear Brand

Starting a cap or a hat business is not as challenging as it may sound. If this is something that you have been planning to do, take the tips in this article into consideration and be on your way towards developing the perfect headwear brand of your dreams.

Always remember that hats are more than just a product to cover your head from the sun exposure and elements. They carry a style of their own and finding a product that is different in this style will significantly improve your sales and provide your customers with a reason to buy your hats. To give your hats a creative edge from your counterparts in the market, give them a unique reason, a drive that will encourage your audience to buy more.

More styles and varieties you store means you can cater to a broader range of customers – thus generating a larger income for yourself and your business.

1. Don’t just quit on your day job immediately!

If you have started your custom headwear/caps business, the most important thing is to stay stable for as long as possible. And that means to continue with your day job. This income will help you set up your business and mitigate a large chunk of the financial pressure of starting a new company. If you wish to invest your money into printing caps and marketing your business, be ready to commit for longer hours, have a secondary income to give your idea a reality before you start and rely on your hat business to pay for itself.

2. Research is the key

Before starting your hat business, do a lot of research. Find out a niche to target your market, especially the one where the demand is high and products are less. Think where your cap business may belong in the market, and what type of styles, designs, and colors you are going to incorporate in your business. Shop around to see what is in style and what’s not selling well. Spotting trends that are on the rise generate income quickly, since you will be working for an expanding market that is yet to be captured. Coming up with creative images and designs that you wish to have printed on your caps is a fantastic way to compete with other brands in the market.

3. Choose the Right Design

If you plan to sell your hats and caps in a physical store and not just online, your market research should extend beyond fashion. To gather exciting ideas, visit similar stalls or stores to what you would be utilizing for your business, and pay extra attention to the design and layout of the store, particularly how the stock is displayed for the customers. This is an exciting strategy to generate thoughtful ideas for your store – how much space you need, and how to showcase the best stock to grab the attention of the customers.

4. Get the License

Apply for the right business licenses, and find out what is asked of you by the tax department. If you are not sure about the requirements, hire a professional accountant to do the job for you. Their advice will be beneficial, especially with the launching of the business, and you can always get the fee back on next year’s tax return.

5. Find the Right Set of Suppliers

If you are planning to highlight a large stock, it is vital to find the right set of suppliers and other people that may help in achieving your business goals. A printing company becomes a crucial aspect of your business if you plan on selling the hats with your custom designs.

6. Sell your Products Online

If you are planning to own a small store in a shopping center, it is still a great idea to sell your products online. Not only will your products have a broader reach, but you will be able to adopt different branding strategies to get a lot more visitors interested in buying your stuff.

7. Start Marketing and Advertising your Brand

Once you are set up and almost ready to launch your brand, start marketing and to advertise your store. Advertisement could be in local newspapers, magazines, flyers, billboards, or social media. Create your store account on different social media platforms before launching your brand so that you inspire your friends and family to share the news. 

If you have a store online, source your business on various online forums and communities that may be interested in the products you are offering, and share the URL for your website. To advertise more to your audience, partner up with similar stores and brands, and see if you could reach an agreement to advertise each other’s brands with your customers. 

So there you have it. The basic steps towards launching your very own caps/headwear brand. If you feel that energy to inspire and motivate others with your brand, don’t miss out on the opportunity and start now!

online learning

Online Learning Websites for Short Courses

In the contemporary world, the most effective and integral way of communication is online. Technology and telecommunications are the prime source of operating in the present day world. Consequently, this evolution has brought a significant change in the field of education as well. It has substituted the traditional and conventional ways of learning in classrooms over a fixed period of time and led towards a more flexible approach of gaining knowledge through online learning websites. According to the statistics more than five million people take at least one course online through internet and reportedly half of the world’s educational institutes are providing online educational courses. Online education is the type of teaching and learning which operates through the internet. That, it allows the tutors to reach out and teach the students or learners who are eager to educate themselves through various websites but due to certain  reasons cannot sign up for regular classes in schools or universities. This lends a helping hand to people to teach themselves according to their timetable and needs. 

Types of Online Learning 

Synchronous Learning 

It’s the kind of online education that takes place in a specific time through an online means of communication. The teacher and learners interact in a specified time and it can take place through live chats, group audio or video calls for sharing information and educating purposes. Synchronous learning gives you the added benefit of a group engagement that is if you are a type of person who learns more effectively with getting feedback right way or by discussing things with a number of people this is the right choice for you. It allows you to discuss, debate, interact in the most effective way possible and leads to a more active form of learning.

Asynchronous Learning 

It’s the learning which takes place according to your time table. In this form of online course an individual gets the required relevant material, reading notes, and quiz or tests for the assessments and one can work them according to what is suitable for them. The added advantage of asynchronous learning is the adaptability it provides along with the time to gain knowledge according to your own rate of learning without being worried about lagging behind.

Online Learning Websites


It is one of the most authentic and genuine website available for the online learning. Its foundation was laid upon by Harvard University in association with MIT (Massachusetts institute of technology) and now constitutes up to almost twenty five hundred plus courses from more than a hundred institutes. It provides courses on variety of fields and subjects including computer sciences, humanities, languages and STEM courses. Professional courses and certificates given by edX are the most valued and appraised online courses available online. And these courses definitely add value to your resume.

It is an online educational website that was developed by the professors of Stanford University, which gives access to moos (massive open online courses). It offers various degrees, specializations and professional courses in number of fields such as medical courses, humanities, mathematics, business and much more. Reportedly, over forty million users are learning and gaining knowledge from coursea.


With the most versatile availability of courses udemy is an influential online educational website. It has an estimated number of over thirty million students and one hundred thirty thousand courses available in more than sixty languages. udemy emphasizes especially on professional courses . it allows the users to upload various videos, audios , pdfs and other files as required according to the course content. Moreover, there are online displays available for the direct interaction of the tutors and learners. Another significant feature of udemy is that it also provides free online courses (in specific conditions).


TED (technology, entertainment, design) franchise

Its identifying phrase is “ideas worth spreading”.  TED website puts out the information and discussions in video form. TED lectures are free online talks with a goal to spread awareness on various topics whether they are scientific, culture specific, of political nature and academic nature. Over billion views are reported on videos; new videos are posted every month or two.

Academic Earth 

Another website with courses available from prestigious educational institutes of the world, this platform offers courses from institutes including Oxford, Harvard, MIT,  Stanford , Yale , Berkeley and more. Offering courses on almost fifty subjects it gives learners access to scholarly articles, researches and videos.

academic earth


A site for youngsters with preparation material for various tests and subjects including math, English, and science. It is reported to have delivered over twenty million lessons on a number of subjects. 

Cosmo learning 

Future channel

Big think 

Khan academy

How cast

Internet archive  

Are a few other renown websites for online education.

Benefits of Online Education 

  • Flexibility and adaptability is the fundamental and most significant factor of online learning. Whether it involves what kind of course you want to study or at what time and in what pace. It makes life easier for students who want to start a career as well as keep getting further education. 
  • Comfort comes hand in hand with the online education system. It allows an individual to choose the course of their wishes and pursue it, even if it is not available in their country or hometown they can still educate themselves without having to leave their hometown and can gain knowledge from the comfort of their home. This is especially workable for the people who require special care or cannot be left alone out in the public.
  • Cost effectiveness is a benefit that every student needs when it comes to pursuing education. This is what online education gives without a doubt. There are a number of expenses which get subtracted due to learning online. One doesn’t have to pay parking, transport, power sources or other various costs which are inevitable while learning on-campus. Such worries do not have any influence on a student who opted to study online.
  • Focused attention. It is difficult to get centered attention from a teacher while you are learning in the classroom along with a number of other students. However, taking online course lets you have one- to- one interaction with your tutor and enlightening discussions ad debates as required.
  • Personalized learning rate. No need to be concerned about the rate of learning or being a slow learner. With online courses at your hand one can effortlessly learn at their own pace. 
insta marketing

Instagram Marketing Tips

Instagram has become the center for social media influencers and is used as a platform for all kinds of businesses and marketing these days. Are you are planning to launch your own business or want to start your career as an entrepreneur on Instagram? Or have you been searching for some amazing ways to promote a brand or a product of any type? Then you are surely in the right place. Here are a few Instagram marketing tips that will take your business journey to a long way.

Hash-tagging Name 

It’s one of the most effective ways to build a name for your brand or product

Pose Your Account as “Business”

It is a basic move and why is it a necessity? It’s of importance because it allows a direct contact between you and your potential customers or followers.

insta business

Gain Awareness About Feedback 

Keeping track of the feedback is an efficient way of increasing the following. Instagram business accounts have a number of available tools which will provide you an inside information such as what kind of posts are getting more feedback and at what time, about the consumer base and engagement and much more.

Customer’s Reviews 

To increase the authenticity level of your brand name and products, a simple hack is to share the feedback and photos from your buyers. This makes the audience or possible buyers to trust your brand without any concern. It helps in building up a good consumer’s foundation for your business.

Influencers Support

One of the quickest ways to grab the attention of the Instagram audience is to build an association with an Instagram influencer anyone who already has a huge following and can help you get the required exposure for your brand or business. Teaming up with an already established entrepreneur is always a good idea for your business.

Being Sponsored

Being sponsored is a constructive way to increase your audience because this allows you to interact with an audience which is not among your followers. This can also be applied for a specific audience which you would like to convert into your following in the near future.

Instagram Stories  

Everybody likes a good video or story on Instagram, so you can share your brand journey and show how your products are made or where it all started and how it grew into something that you have today. You can be innovative with your ideas there are many options to discover on how to connect with your audience.


with these strategies on your hand you are ready and equipped to begin your business journey on Instagram. Pave the path of your future success in no time with these Instagram marketing tips.


The Power of Gratitude and Gratitude Examples

Derived from a Latin term “gratus”, being thankful and grateful is generally known as “gratitude”. But what exactly is gratitude and how does it affect our lives? Gratitude has been studied and been a part of almost every religion’s teachings for as long as a man can remember. It has been a subject of interest of great minds and thinkers of all times. With the advances in psychological research man has come across the remarkable benefits of gratitude and remains in awe to this day with the growing knowledge of the positive effects this emotion has on the human mind and body. 

Gratitude allows you to consciously value things that we so easily take for granted. It allows you to identify the worth of something in your life and that worth is not based on its materialistic value. Significance of a thing depends on how much importance it have and gratitude gives you the pleasure of finding worth in every little which you are blessed with. It permits you to choose whether you are going to be grateful or will find another reason to cry for. Therefore, it’s an understanding that comes from inside of a person and offers infinite advantages for one’s mental health.

 Combat with Negativity 

stay positive

The power of gratitude can not be ignored and one will see how it is adding value to one’s life. The first and foremost benefit that you gain from gratitude is the ability to counter negative thoughts and emotions. Identifying and counting your blessings and the good in everything in life on a conscious level increases the level of positive emotions. Consequently one may experiences increased ‘life satisfaction’ and ‘well-being’.

For instance, studies show that writing gratitude letters or keeping a journal increases the use of positive words which in turn highlights the positive emotions and not only that it shifts your attention from negative towards positive and helps you neglect the negativity. This is exactly why gratitude has been proven to decrease and aid with clinical depression, anxiety and other mental health problems. 

It needs to be practiced constantly and you will see the power of gratitude in the long run. A few pointers that can help in practicing are given below:

Stay Determined!

Persistence and gratitude go hand in hand and together will lead you to a path of utmost happiness.

Be Specific!

Be specific with your list of gratitude for instance, instead of noting down I am grateful for a good life write down the little details or pleasures that live lets you enjoy even if it is a good cup of coffee with a loved one.

Practice Gratitude!

Gratitude practice is not about trying to stop or block the negative things in life instead it’s all about where you want to pay your attention and which aspect will you focus on by choosing to look at the bright side on little things and things we find trivial, we teach our minds to perceive positively about the things we consider of primary importance.

Factors That Motivate!

The factor that increases our internal motivation to do something is that we get to choose how and when to do it. Keeping a journal or making lists is an effective way to practice however it’s not the only way; you can personalize these practices and do them in a way that you find more interesting and fun and something that works with your personality.

Share Your Gratitude!

Sharing your gratitude practice with loved ones and people you work or socialize with has enormous positive effects not only for your being but it also builds the relationships stronger and helps you grow your social and personal bonds with people around you. For example giving a thank you note to someone at your workplace who inspires you or helped you in any way.

Integrating gratitude in daily life is easy and a key ingredient in the making of a happy and content life. Start today and let yourself feel all the joys and pleasure that this beautiful life has to offer.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Business Intelligence Analyst is the person who uses the already collected data and turns it into the game-changing business decisions. He analyzes the data of the company and all the competitors and then creates a report of the current situation of the company, trends it is following and changes required by the company to reach its target. If business and computer science fields excite you then you are in the right direction and you can have your way with flying colors.

Roadmap as a Business Intelligence Analyst:

If you are just in the initial phase and are about to opt for the degree which will lead to a secured job then you are at the right place. You should always be planning and mapping out your educational and career path and look up for opportunities which can assist you to achieve your milestones. These are simple salient suggestions which will lead you towards your goal as a business intelligence analyst.

modern analytics workflow

Degree to opt for:

If you are opting for a degree then these 3 degrees are best suitable for you and you can advance steadily in your direction.

  • Business-related degrees
  • Management Information Systems
  • Any branch of Computer Science

But that’s only enough, to ace your career a relevant college degree or major is not the only thing. Professional experience is also required to get the know-how of how things work outside the books in the real world and how have to perform to sustain and flourish in the professional world.

Work Experience:

During your college years, it’s better to go for an internship in the organizations having a dedicated analytics department where you can learn various software and work dynamics.  These big-name companies work as a ladder towards a bright future and you can secure a prominent position easily with your expertise.

Once you get into the workforce you get the advantage as compared to fresh graduates which can help you secure an executive level position in a reputable organization with your professional knowledge because you already possess all the essential skills which are pivotal for any position.

Business Intelligence Job Roles:

Following are the career paths which you can go for once you get in this field:

  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Business Intelligence Consultant
  • Business Intelligence Engineer

Skills Required by a Business Intelligence Analyst:

Just being qualified and having the degree is not one need to be a successful business intelligence analyst, there are certain skills which need to be acquired in order to be the guru of this domain. Let’s delve into the skills which can turn you from an ordinary business intelligence analyst to a successful one.

Problem Solving:

A BI have to be very creative with decision making, collecting the data and creating the results out of it or only analyzing the data is not the only thing a business intelligence analyst is supposed to do. He should be smart enough to come up with new techniques and timely solutions so that a problem would not turn into a disaster. He should put up clear suggestions which would assist executives with the helping hand and would result in better business decisions.


While this field is all about having the strong grip on all hard skills and how good you are with your work, the only soft skill which remains constant at every step is how good you are at communication. The essence of communication cannot be ignored at any level and you are required to be efficient in listening and delivering your message fully with the desired body language and tone.

Programming Language:

A person working as a BI will always have an edge if has a grip on programming languages and he can use them effectively but the most common programming language which is mandatory for every BI is the SQL, the most commonly used langue to manage data.

Industry Knowledge:

Having the said degrees and certification is not enough, you should also have the deep insights about the industry you are working in, for instance, if you belong to some educational sector then you should know the stats and dynamics of this sector and how things work here. It has a deep effect on your performance.

Data Analysis:

Analytical skills are key skills which can’t be ignored in any profession but in BI you can’t survive without this particular skill. You should be smart enough to go through the huge sets of data and create a pattern out of it or you analyze it a certain manner that you can generate some useful result.

Data visualization:

To present your data and working in a more readable and clear form, its visual representation is the most effective manner. It not only makes data easy to understand but also helps people to understand the patterns, trends, and correlations more easily which were chaos in the text form.

internet of things

Use of Entrepreneurship Skills in Internet of Things (IoT)

Samsung acquired SmartThings, an Internet of Things based company, for $200 million. Google acquired NEST Labs, also an Internet of things based company for $3.2 billion. So obviously there is something big on the horizon. But we also see a lot of IoT based companies being shut down e.g. Berg, a pioneer in design and user experience in IoT closed down recently but it got a lot of fame when it launched.

We often see IoT startups going at a peak in their valuations but after a few month of launch, they shut down. We will discuss a few entrepreneurial skills that should be kept in mind whenever you are going to start an IoT based startup, or even if you already have started it and are busy fulfilling orders, these points should be kept in mind by an entrepreneur.

Think Creatively

The first thing any entrepreneur should know and think about is what’s really important to end users. There are thousands of new ideas related to IoT that really isn’t the need of the user. For example internet-connected tray in your fridge that can keep track of the eggs and notify you when there is only a few left. Fascinated, right? But do we really need that in our life? So in order to be successful, you should always think creatively and offer an IoT product that really adds value to end users.


The internet has always been about people, but now it is also becoming internet of things. It might be new concept for some and they might resist adapting to it. IoT products are sometimes very unique and new, people don’t adapt to them quickly. Most successful startups looked at negative comments as important learning points and maintained their optimism, but don’t forget to make calculated changes to your idea or product.  


Ability to Adapt

Many of the IoT startups bootstrap and make prototypes before getting to their big breaks and postpone the process of scalability until much later. Whenever you are developing your IoT product, remember to think about scalability from the start. What actually happens is that IoT products gets fame quickly and get many orders, but the company don’t actually know how to manufacture a big amount of their product on time and end up losing their customers. A good entrepreneur will always adapt to changes quickly and will always think about future perspectives from early stages of the startup.

Focus on Emerging Realities

IoT startups launches a new product and focus so much on it that they forget to focus on emerging realities. Sometimes the idea takes too much time for people to adapt that there are much better solutions to the same problem and founders are often surprised to hear about the latest developments that has happened in the field. Always keep an eye on what is happening in the field instead of just focusing on your product.

emerging realities

These are a few points that every IoT startup founder should always have in mind along with basic entrepreneurial skills.