Asim and Hania

Hania Amir and Asim Azhar’s Relationship Status

The recent interview of Hania Aamir with Aima Baig on social media where Hania answered a fan’s question on her relationship status, made quite a buzz all over the internet and the twitter game doesn’t seem to stop any time soon.

Hania Amir and Asim Azhar are trending on twitter and all those memes are funny enough to make anyone roll on the ground. A fan asked the question if Hania is still in relation with Asim to which she responded that we are good friends, best friends but not in any kind of relationship.

This happened last night and since then no one can stop discussing these two cuties. Let’s take a look at a few tweets which are hard to ignore.

hania and asim

This image is created in the reference of Sadaf Kanwal and Shahroze Sabzwari. Once Sadaf commented on Shahroze’s and Syra Yousaf’s picture “Favorite couple” and soon they both broke up due to her.

Asim and Hania

As if all the boys were waiting for this day. 😀

Asim and Hania

If there had to be any award in this regard then surely Asim would be the winner.

Asim and Hania

This one conversation of Hania with her fans surely changed everything.

Asim and Hania

Despite all the trolling and fun memes, there are still some people who are feeling bad for Asim, because deep down we all knew that these two were a lot more than friends.

Asim Azhar

We all are waiting to hear Asim’s side of the story so that we can get a clear picture of what is actually happening.

WordPress Getting Started – Adding Post and Page Main

Logging into C3SC WordPress dashboard

You can log into C3SC WordPress by Adding /wp-admin to the end of the homepage link or at the following address: https://websitename/wp-admin

Wordpress login

Fill in your credentials detail and you will be redirected to the WordPress dashboard

wordpress dashboard

How to Create a WordPress Post and Page

WordPress is built around two basic concepts. Posts and Pages. Both have their respective uses and can add very dynamic elements to your site. Posts and pages can be used to publish the same kinds of content. Both can include text and media presented in a range of layouts.

A Posts are news or informational updates that have a published/updated date and is displayed on the blog or news page. It appears in the reverse chronological order on the news or home page. Due to their reverse chronological order, your posts are meant to be timely. Posts usually use tags or categories to organise them

A page, in essence, are usually static content – the “About” and “Contact” pages can consider as an example. Unlike a post that will move towards the bottom of the pile as more posts are is added, a page will stay exactly where you put it. Instead of being organised into categories, pages are usually part of a hierarchical structure that you create yourself using hyperlinks and menus.

Adding a New Post

To add a new Post, hover over the Posts menu option in the left-hand navigation menu and in the fly-out menu, click the Add New link. Alternatively, click the Posts menu option and then click the Add New link underneath, or the Add New button at the top of the page. You will be presented with a page similar to the image below.

Adding a New Post

On next page you will see the WordPress posts editor. The most important parts of this page are:

  • Post and Page Title – This first part of the post or page that is visible to your visitors on the site. enter the title of your post in this field.
  • Post and Page Content – you can use the WordPress WYSIWYG editor to add the actual content of your post. Note that it has two tabs – Visual (use the editor to format your text) and Text (add your HTML code directly).
  • Publish – once you have filled in all information you can preview the post on your site and you can change the date of publication, for example, on future date if you do not want to publish the post immediately. when you are ready to publish the post, click on the Publish button.
  • Format – choose the format of the post. formats, you can choose here how the post looks, otherwise you should leave this option as “standard”.
  • Categories – choose the categories for the post. You can choose one or multiple categories for your post. Categories are very useful to sort your posts because visitors can browse categories and display all posts from a specific category.
  • Tags – tags work similar to categories. However, you can assign posts from different categories to the same tag. Visitors can display all posts with the same tag by clicking the tag link. Choose a tag for your post or create a new one by clicking the “Add” button.
  • Featured Image – choose the image for the post. This is a representative image of a post. If your theme supports the featured images, probably it will be displayed, for example, on blog pages or on other pages for which your theme has enabled support.
  1. Save Draft means the post has not been published and remains a draft for you.
  2. Preview shows a live preview of your Post/Page. You can use it to see how your post will look after publishing.
  3. Status allows you to set a status for your post. WordPress automatically handles post status for drafts and published posts.
  4. Visibility You can also change the visibility of the Page by clicking the Edit link just to the right of Visibility: within the Publish panel.
  5. Public is the default and means the page is viewable to all. There is also an option to make the Post ‘sticky’. Sticky posts are placed at the top of all blog posts and stay there even after new posts are published.
  6. Password Protected allows you to assign a password to your page. Only people who have the password will be able to access the Post/Page.
  7. Private hides the content from the public completely. Normal users and visitors will not be aware of private content. You will only see the private content when you are logged into your WordPress dashboard.
  8. Move to Bin allows you to delete a WordPress post. Deleted posts live under trash, and you can restore them if you need to for up to 30 days.
  9. Finally, the Publish Clicking the Publish button will save your Page/Post and publish it on your website. Remember if you scheduled a post, then it will appear on your site on the scheduled date and time.

By default, when you click the Publish button your Page/Post is published immediately. To change this, click the Edit link just to the right of Publish immediately within the Publish panel. You can then select the date and time that you’d like to schedule your Page/Post to be published. You must also click the Publish button when you have updated the date and time fields to publish at the desired date and time.

Creating a New Post

This tutorial video takes a brief tour of all the buttons and functions in the WordPress editor, which is used for editing posts, pages, and other types of content in WordPress.

If you’ve ever used a text editor like Microsoft Word, then you’ll be right at home with the editor toolbar in WordPress. The buttons across the top of the edit pane allow you to simply format text by highlighting a word or phrase, then clicking the button corresponding with the appropriate format style.

Covered in this video:

  • How to use each function in the WordPress editor toolbar.
  • How to apply bold, italic, or strikethrough formats.
  • Inserting bulleted or numbered lists.
  • Highlighting text with the blockquote function.
  • Aligning text to the left, centre, or right.
  • Creating and editing text links.
  • Using the “More” function to display just an excerpt on the front page.
  • The gorgeous, distraction-free full-screen mode.
  • Show the second row of buttons with the “Kitchen Sink” button!
  • Toggling between Visual and Text/HTML mode in the editor.
  • And much, much more…

Creating a New Post

Posts are blog entries—or articles—that are displayed in chronological order on your homepage, typically with the newest post at the top. Unlike pages, posts usually have comments fields beneath them and are also included in your site’s RSS feed.

Covered in this video:

  • Creating a new post in WordPress using the Posts > Add New > sub-panel.
  • Personalizing the Add New Post interface.
  • The new, auto-resizing editor.
  • Formatting text and content using the editing tools.
  • Assigning categories and tags to your post.
  • Adding a Featured Image to your post.
  • Postdating or scheduling a post for another time.
  • How to save and publish posts to your site.

Using Categories and Tags

This video demonstrates how to use categories and tags in WordPress to better organize your posts and make it easy for your readers to find related content.

Tags are essentially keywords that you assign to each post. They are typically displayed underneath each post. Someone viewing your blog can click on one of those tag links, and an archive page with all the posts containing that tag will be displayed.

Every post in WordPress is filed under one or more Categories. Categories allow your posts to be classifieds into groups and subgroups. If a visitor to your site clicks on a category link, an archive page with all the posts belonging to that category will be displayed. Unlike tags, categories may be assigned to a parent category, enabling you to set up a hierarchy within the category structure.

Covered in this video:

  • Understanding the difference between tags and categories.
  • Using categories and tags in WordPress to better organize related content.
  • How to add and edit categories using the Posts > Categories sub-panel.
  • Using category parents to sort content hierarchically.
  • How to add and edit tags using the Posts > Tags sub-panel.

Creating and Editing Pages

Page is another tool to add content to a WordPress site and is often used to present “static” content that doesn’t change very often. A good example of a page is the information typically contained in “About Us” or “Contact Us” pages. Pages should not be confused with posts. Pages live outside of the normal blog chronology, and as such, are not displayed with the rest of your posts, but are displayed individually.

Covered in this video:

  • Reviewing the difference between Pages and Posts.
  • How to create a new page in WordPress.
  • How to edit and delete pages using the Pages > Edit sub-panel.
  • How to bulk edit or delete multiple pages at the same time.
  • Using the Quick Edit tool to quickly change page details.
  • How to change the order in which your pages are listed.
  • How to file, or “nest” pages underneath a parent page.
  • Using the WYSIWYG editor to add and edit pages.

Adding Photos and Images


Covered in this video:

  • How to add an image to WordPress.
  • How to upload and insert an image or photo from your computer.
  • Cropping images using the Image Editor, and CSS.
  • Aligning images to the left, centre, or right.
  • Adding captions to your images.
  • Editing images that have been previously embedded.
  • Creating and editing photo galleries of multiple images.

Greatest Upcoming Tech Trends in 2020

2020 marks the start of a brand new decade; with this new beginning we will be enlightened with various new technological inventions or previously existing creations modified in innovative ways. This commencing year there are many things in store that are going to grab attention worldwide. Technological advancements are going to transform the present lifestyle in a number of ways. Let’s take a look at the most anticipated tech trends of 2020.  

Technology Trends

Electronic Sims

This year is supposedly the year of commercial launch of e-sims and we can look forward to various applications and e-sim services which will be made available for the common masses. People will be able to use the facilities provided by the electronic sims and will not have to stand by until the new sim is sent to you through post or will not have to go out in order to buy one. Even though e-sims are already present however they will be commercialized and will be made accessible in general.

Sleep Technology 

The growing awareness and emphasis on the mental health has also led to the progress of tech trends that monitors the health of body and brain. Sleep technology will be in the limelight this year. Devices have been made which will detect, scan and record our brain activities, blood regulation levels of various components in the brain and body. Development of portable devices such as watches are taken into consideration and could be a thing that work will be done in the present year.

Machine Learning vs. Frauds  

Artificial intelligence is the future, there are many applications of AI one of these is Machine learning which lets devices adapt accordingly without being programmed. There have been a huge number of scams reported through phone calls involving credits, money or information. This has led to companies to try and make an effort to use machine learning to combat such fraud and protect their customers from such troubles.

Digital Twins and their Applications 

A digital twin is a model of a physical thing or entity. This digital twining makes it possible to combine the physical and virtual realities. With the help of such twins, for instance of a motor vehicle we are able to analyze the effects of certain conditions and factors over something (if an accident happens how much load or temperature body of a vehicle will handle etc.) Artificial intelligence and machine learning can also be a key assistance in the process of making a prediction about various conditions and what to do about it and allows you to choose the right course of action.

Human Augmentation 

Using technology or medicines in order to increase or enhance human capacities and capabilities is what human augmentation is. There has been increased research that how technology can help human mind and body to reach its maximum potential. There are a few companies who have created by now and are trying to make devices which can be used in various situations for example in industries or factories. The devices can be worn by the workers in workplaces which require maximum physical effort and can increase work productivity and effectiveness.

Electric Cars 

It is anticipated that this year electric cars will be the trend. They will be marketed and be available commercially. Leading companies are counted on to develop more electric cars of various sizes and models. This innovation will help to travel long distances within the city while accommodating families with greater number of people.

Various tech trends and devices that are the manifestations of the work of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning are going to be the most fascinating and captivating technology trends of the year. Let us now wait and see how the technology brings changes to the world in 2020. This year is all about multidimensional ways in which a work can be done.



Verizon is a known American company which provides wireless and other telecommunication services. The most prominent part of version communication known to us all are Huff post, tech crunch and yahoo mail. In the past few years Verizon and the related sub-ordinate companies have been charged with failure of keeping the privacy policy and were held responsible for releasing private and confidential information of the users whether through a leakage or disclosure of data. The company had to pay more than one million fine to the Federal Communications Commission because of their use of super cookies which made it possible for them to track the users online without them knowing or giving consent. Not just this back in 2013, an incident of data breach occurred where accounts of millions of users were hacked. After taking into account all this history Verizon communications has launched a onesearch engine with increased privacy policy. 

This onesearch engine will allow users to search without having to worry about the record. The company will not keep track of your data that you search or of  personalized information , the data will neither be stored or not shared with advertisers or sponsors .Which means this search engine does not track cookies and provide information to advertisers meaning we will not spot advertisements according to our previous search on the internet. The search of a user will be encrypted and not traceable. Moreover, another significant and compelling addition is the self-destruct mode which will cause all the links of search history to be deleted forever. In the opinion of the creators of Verizon, this grants an added privacy to the users or in certain conditions where one device is in use of multiple people. Also it keeps the link safe if it is shared with other people.

This search engine will be a breath of fresh air in the present day world , with news coming up every now and then about leading social networking sites  such as Facebook , Google , amazon misusing their users privacy policy and using data for several other activities for generating extra credits. People were not much vigilant about their privacy rights on social media until recently, however now users make it their priority to use a more secure and safe platform. This is exactly why the new search engines or websites with increased privacy imparting a sense of security in users are gaining popularity. This search engine is going to instill a sense of trust within its users and will definitely be something people would want to try and keep using.


Artificial Intelligence Taking Over Jobs


Twentieth century was characterized by marked industrialization and technology taking over the world. Technology started from modification of simple things such as using a computer or software for data arrangement to the advanced tech manifestation such as artificial intelligence and machine intelligence. Industrial revolution was distinguished by many technological changes which ultimately had an effect on all possible factors of everyday life whether directly or indirectly. The utmost difference that was caused by this revolution was the lifestyle change. It took the living standards to whole another level with advancements in every field including transport, nature of work, housing systems, communication methods, food availability, and mass production. Revolution brought a change including technological tools, machines and items to use in the fields, factories and industries and this is why nature of work life and how humans live in the present world is entirely different from old times.

Robotics and Its Role In the Modern World

A branch of knowledge which involves both science and mathematics to design and create machines (robots) that can be used as a substitution of individuals and mimic their actions and human behavior. Robots can be of various shapes and sizes with different functionality and accordingly used for different purposes. With the technological advancements in 20th century robotics has been one of the fastest growing fields and been paving its way into all aspects including industrial, household, medical, agricultural or military work. There have been developed robots of various types which are able to perform different functions and are of use in different fields. For instance major robot implementation in various fields and how they work is explained below.

  • Military Robots 

These are the robots used in the dangerous situations where lives are at stake they perform functions such as seek, evacuate, defend and attack. Many robots are used for military purposes especially by US military and many are in the process of creation. Such robots are a substitution for the soldiers who would be in a life threatening situation or battlefield. Various kinds of robots are being developed with different kinds of applications including patrolling, keeping an eye with cameras and attacking an intruder or for border assignment etc.

  • Industrial Robots 

The massive utilization of robots is seen in industrial field. Five years back the reported number of industrial robots performing activities was 1.64 million and has been growing ever since. These robots are auto-mated and programmed to perform certain tasks which include organizing, collecting, dismantling etc. robots have now replaced jobs that were too dangerous for workers to do such as in mines, on extreme heights, working with enormous weights, welding or other jobs which required working in extreme temperatures. Not only this in order to increase mass production the jobs such as of arranging, inspection of products, labeling of products are taken care by robots now in an increased speed and with more accuracy which previously were done by the laborers but at much lower rate in the factories 

  • Medical Robot 

Advance medical centers are now equipped with robots working alongside humans. The most used form of robots is ‘telemanipulator’ that is controlled by a person (surgeon) on the one hand and performs the required operation on the other. There are surgical robots created which if programmed can perform the surgery in the absence of a doctor.  Rehabilitators are built for the management, therapy and take care of patients especially the elderly or someone who has a disability. There have been robots developed and used to clean and disinfect areas and rooms as required. However, these robots are rare and need a lot of work on them before they will be used at a larger scale.

  • Domestic Robots 

These are used mainly for doing house hold activities but can also involve in performing education, entertainment or other relevant tasks. From doing dishes to cleaning floors or even ironing clothes robots are performing all activities. There are robots made specifically for providing security and alarming in the presence of an intruder. The jobs of house cleaning, dish washing, ironing all household chores are now also done by robots instead of workers.

  • Agriculture Robots 

This is one of the major fields where robots have been used. Taking care of harvest, providing the right conditions, picking up ripped fruits, using sprays and fertilizers to protect crops are a few jobs that are now done by robots instead of laborers. This industry is ever growing and with the use of robots in industry its estimated worth is supposed to reach almost twelve billion in next five years.

Robots Substituting Laborers 

According to estimation almost eight billion people are assumed to lose their jobs and replaced by robots or machines. Especially in richer nations the workers are supposed to be replaced by the automated machines and need to retrain for work in other fields or for other kinds of job.

Following will be the most effected jobs.

  • Data Entry Relevant Jobs 

Such jobs which are associated with data entrance, gathering information, highlighting ideas, converting data formats, coping data from one place to another or any job which requires merely such skills will be replaced by artificial intelligence in coming years.

data entry
  • Journalism 

Artificial intelligence will be able to gather data more precisely, with a more in depth-analysis and more accurately do the constructive criticism on the available information and happenings.

  • Drivers  

After rechargeable cars the latest invention of auto –pilot and artificial intelligence and with successful attempts of AI driving cars and taking them for large distances the regular taxi driver might find their work effected. Moreover with multi- national companies providing taxi services for example uber , using automated taxis with AI will definitely change the nature of  this job availability.

  • Industrial work

This industry is the first one to experience change with the technological inventions and the most affected one until date. Whether it is working in factories or on construction sites loads of jobs in this sector will be taken over by the robots. Packing, inspection, assembly, labeling etc. all such activities are now performed by automated robots and already have replaced human jobs.

  • Agricultural work

Using robots has proved to be more efficient than laborers working in the fields and this is why it has been used and it is a part of future plan to use these robots for the work in fields especially in harvesting.

  • Telecommunicates and customer services

With AI and ML in the play, and availability of chat boxes and much more customized AI services available to customers waiting on lines or online will not be preferred by many people.

Advantages of Technology Use 

The most significant advantage is the saving of lives which otherwise might be endangered or under a constant threat.

With robots use the mass production of food and other life necessities has become more advance ad fast and things are easily available.

Another advantage is the accuracy and efficiency added to each task. One might say the robots are programmed to work or strive to work perfectly and give results that are unquestionable. 

Disadvantages of Technology Use

The major crisis that we are facing due to excessive technology use is the replacement of people by robots or AI. It is supposed that in richer countries almost forty-five percent of jobs will be taken over. This is going to have a great influence on the lives of people globally.

What to do about it?

The most productive way of dealing with any problem is to look for solutions the same goes with this issue. Many people have the opinion that all we need to do is re-train the employers learn skills that are required to thrive in the jobs of different nature. Use of automated robots and AI in industries has proven and expected to increase economy in millions. Hence while taking in consideration the consequences; use of robots can be productive for the mankind.


Entrepreneurship Significance and its Benefits


Commonly referred to as the making of a business entrepreneurship is a process which constitutes initiating, creating, growing and managing a business usually from a small scale. Individuals who make their businesses administer them are called entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship comes with pronounced risks as a factor along with making a profit. The most definite illustration of entrepreneurship is the starting a small scale business with a unique idea and upgrading your product and company to a high-profile business with the right struggle over the time period. Entrepreneurship Significance cannot be ignored in a society where jobs are being replaced by machines.

Moreover the comprehensive definition by which entrepreneurship is defined comprises not just creating and administering a business it also involves operating in an innovative way. That is creating, exploring, taking action on opportunities for your business and converting your products or business into a commercial and innovative label or brand. It’s not just about starting a new business. It also entails identifying and implanting maximum potential of a business idea or of already existing businesses’.

Elements of Entrepreneurship

The key elements that are a part of entrepreneurial process are as follows
Its innate nature is supposedly profitable and effective.
An infinite loop of innovative ideas characterizes entrepreneurship.
Chance of inevitable risk goes hand in hand with every business.

Significance of Entrepreneurship

Economic Growth

All entrepreneurs and business companies are liable to pay taxes to the government. Hence, such businesses’ play a crucial role by acting as an income source for the state. The taxes provided to the government can be used for establishment of various facilities for the common masses. This amount support many other projects for development of the nation. Also it includes using innovative schemes and plans to gain maximum production from minimal resources and input. All these number of factors represent the significance of entrepreneurship for the development of an economy.

Advance Businesses

When a new business starts it not only increases the productivity of commodities and goods as well as increases the facilities and assistance provided to people. The availability of such companies becomes a source of employment for large number of masses. Not only this with partnerships and collaboration with other companies and institutes, leads to a positive cycle of change and development of numerous institutes and organizations which ultimately has a productive influence on an individual level too. Also innovation is the key influence in every business which brings up- to- dated and most advanced technology and other items in the market. Such latest tech items have lead us all to live trouble free the best possible life one could imagine for.

Developing Countries and Entrepreneurship

Developing countries need entrepreneurship the most and here is why. First of all entrepreneurs hire skilled graduates and young people with fresh minds and ideas. This not only leads to an increased employment rate of the country but also adds value to revenue. The more the businesses’ the more will be job positions. Having competitive companies working will bring in the availability of services and products within an economic range. A lot of products or devices that one considers out of their range can be bought from some other company and brand which gives out the same product in an affordable price comparatively.

Acknowledge Research

The most significant educational benefits of entrepreneurship and innovation are the research and funding for research. Huge companies give a proportion of their profits or provide funds to many educational institutes to work for innovative projects. They later add those projects in their company’s lists. These also provide short term paid internships or prizes to students or grants to institutes or departments who work and come up with radical and new schemes relevant to their field and collaborate with them accordingly.
If there is no entrepreneurship and self-employment, there will be fewer services, less job opportunities, less available options and facilities. Without original and revolutionary ideas same conventional ideas will be repeated over and over again.
Hence, there are more than a hand-full benefits of entrepreneurship and they add up to the growth at both large and small scales in a society.


A Guide to Start Your Custom Headwear Brand

Starting a cap or a hat business is not as challenging as it may sound. If this is something that you have been planning to do, take the tips in this article into consideration and be on your way towards developing the perfect headwear brand of your dreams.

Always remember that hats are more than just a product to cover your head from the sun exposure and elements. They carry a style of their own and finding a product that is different in this style will significantly improve your sales and provide your customers with a reason to buy your hats. To give your hats a creative edge from your counterparts in the market, give them a unique reason, a drive that will encourage your audience to buy more.

More styles and varieties you store means you can cater to a broader range of customers – thus generating a larger income for yourself and your business.

1. Don’t just quit on your day job immediately!

If you have started your custom headwear/caps business, the most important thing is to stay stable for as long as possible. And that means to continue with your day job. This income will help you set up your business and mitigate a large chunk of the financial pressure of starting a new company. If you wish to invest your money into printing caps and marketing your business, be ready to commit for longer hours, have a secondary income to give your idea a reality before you start and rely on your hat business to pay for itself.

2. Research is the key

Before starting your hat business, do a lot of research. Find out a niche to target your market, especially the one where the demand is high and products are less. Think where your cap business may belong in the market, and what type of styles, designs, and colors you are going to incorporate in your business. Shop around to see what is in style and what’s not selling well. Spotting trends that are on the rise generate income quickly, since you will be working for an expanding market that is yet to be captured. Coming up with creative images and designs that you wish to have printed on your caps is a fantastic way to compete with other brands in the market.

3. Choose the Right Design

If you plan to sell your hats and caps in a physical store and not just online, your market research should extend beyond fashion. To gather exciting ideas, visit similar stalls or stores to what you would be utilizing for your business, and pay extra attention to the design and layout of the store, particularly how the stock is displayed for the customers. This is an exciting strategy to generate thoughtful ideas for your store – how much space you need, and how to showcase the best stock to grab the attention of the customers.

4. Get the License

Apply for the right business licenses, and find out what is asked of you by the tax department. If you are not sure about the requirements, hire a professional accountant to do the job for you. Their advice will be beneficial, especially with the launching of the business, and you can always get the fee back on next year’s tax return.

5. Find the Right Set of Suppliers

If you are planning to highlight a large stock, it is vital to find the right set of suppliers and other people that may help in achieving your business goals. A printing company becomes a crucial aspect of your business if you plan on selling the hats with your custom designs.

6. Sell your Products Online

If you are planning to own a small store in a shopping center, it is still a great idea to sell your products online. Not only will your products have a broader reach, but you will be able to adopt different branding strategies to get a lot more visitors interested in buying your stuff.

7. Start Marketing and Advertising your Brand

Once you are set up and almost ready to launch your brand, start marketing and to advertise your store. Advertisement could be in local newspapers, magazines, flyers, billboards, or social media. Create your store account on different social media platforms before launching your brand so that you inspire your friends and family to share the news. 

If you have a store online, source your business on various online forums and communities that may be interested in the products you are offering, and share the URL for your website. To advertise more to your audience, partner up with similar stores and brands, and see if you could reach an agreement to advertise each other’s brands with your customers. 

So there you have it. The basic steps towards launching your very own caps/headwear brand. If you feel that energy to inspire and motivate others with your brand, don’t miss out on the opportunity and start now!

online learning

Online Learning Websites for Short Courses

In the contemporary world, the most effective and integral way of communication is online. Technology and telecommunications are the prime source of operating in the present day world. Consequently, this evolution has brought a significant change in the field of education as well. It has substituted the traditional and conventional ways of learning in classrooms over a fixed period of time and led towards a more flexible approach of gaining knowledge through online learning websites. According to the statistics more than five million people take at least one course online through internet and reportedly half of the world’s educational institutes are providing online educational courses. Online education is the type of teaching and learning which operates through the internet. That, it allows the tutors to reach out and teach the students or learners who are eager to educate themselves through various websites but due to certain  reasons cannot sign up for regular classes in schools or universities. This lends a helping hand to people to teach themselves according to their timetable and needs. 

Types of Online Learning 

Synchronous Learning 

It’s the kind of online education that takes place in a specific time through an online means of communication. The teacher and learners interact in a specified time and it can take place through live chats, group audio or video calls for sharing information and educating purposes. Synchronous learning gives you the added benefit of a group engagement that is if you are a type of person who learns more effectively with getting feedback right way or by discussing things with a number of people this is the right choice for you. It allows you to discuss, debate, interact in the most effective way possible and leads to a more active form of learning.

Asynchronous Learning 

It’s the learning which takes place according to your time table. In this form of online course an individual gets the required relevant material, reading notes, and quiz or tests for the assessments and one can work them according to what is suitable for them. The added advantage of asynchronous learning is the adaptability it provides along with the time to gain knowledge according to your own rate of learning without being worried about lagging behind.

Online Learning Websites


It is one of the most authentic and genuine website available for the online learning. Its foundation was laid upon by Harvard University in association with MIT (Massachusetts institute of technology) and now constitutes up to almost twenty five hundred plus courses from more than a hundred institutes. It provides courses on variety of fields and subjects including computer sciences, humanities, languages and STEM courses. Professional courses and certificates given by edX are the most valued and appraised online courses available online. And these courses definitely add value to your resume.

It is an online educational website that was developed by the professors of Stanford University, which gives access to moos (massive open online courses). It offers various degrees, specializations and professional courses in number of fields such as medical courses, humanities, mathematics, business and much more. Reportedly, over forty million users are learning and gaining knowledge from coursea.


With the most versatile availability of courses udemy is an influential online educational website. It has an estimated number of over thirty million students and one hundred thirty thousand courses available in more than sixty languages. udemy emphasizes especially on professional courses . it allows the users to upload various videos, audios , pdfs and other files as required according to the course content. Moreover, there are online displays available for the direct interaction of the tutors and learners. Another significant feature of udemy is that it also provides free online courses (in specific conditions).


TED (technology, entertainment, design) franchise

Its identifying phrase is “ideas worth spreading”.  TED website puts out the information and discussions in video form. TED lectures are free online talks with a goal to spread awareness on various topics whether they are scientific, culture specific, of political nature and academic nature. Over billion views are reported on videos; new videos are posted every month or two.

Academic Earth 

Another website with courses available from prestigious educational institutes of the world, this platform offers courses from institutes including Oxford, Harvard, MIT,  Stanford , Yale , Berkeley and more. Offering courses on almost fifty subjects it gives learners access to scholarly articles, researches and videos.

academic earth


A site for youngsters with preparation material for various tests and subjects including math, English, and science. It is reported to have delivered over twenty million lessons on a number of subjects. 

Cosmo learning 

Future channel

Big think 

Khan academy

How cast

Internet archive  

Are a few other renown websites for online education.

Benefits of Online Education 

  • Flexibility and adaptability is the fundamental and most significant factor of online learning. Whether it involves what kind of course you want to study or at what time and in what pace. It makes life easier for students who want to start a career as well as keep getting further education. 
  • Comfort comes hand in hand with the online education system. It allows an individual to choose the course of their wishes and pursue it, even if it is not available in their country or hometown they can still educate themselves without having to leave their hometown and can gain knowledge from the comfort of their home. This is especially workable for the people who require special care or cannot be left alone out in the public.
  • Cost effectiveness is a benefit that every student needs when it comes to pursuing education. This is what online education gives without a doubt. There are a number of expenses which get subtracted due to learning online. One doesn’t have to pay parking, transport, power sources or other various costs which are inevitable while learning on-campus. Such worries do not have any influence on a student who opted to study online.
  • Focused attention. It is difficult to get centered attention from a teacher while you are learning in the classroom along with a number of other students. However, taking online course lets you have one- to- one interaction with your tutor and enlightening discussions ad debates as required.
  • Personalized learning rate. No need to be concerned about the rate of learning or being a slow learner. With online courses at your hand one can effortlessly learn at their own pace.