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Classic Menswear Collection at Discounted Prices

With an ostensibly never-finishing drip of modern-ins and –outs, it is really hard on your wardrobe and wallet to continually drive catch-up with newest menswear collection. Luckily, Ounass is going to present some of 2019’s biggest fashion trends. This fashion store provides special ideas and suggestions by industry leaders to obtain the styling trends for the men. Catch the Ounass Coupon right now and see the latest additions in the menswear collection at this famous store. 

Relaxed-Leg Trousers:

Over the past few years, these relaxed shapes are getting more and more attention. These are ready to provide the interesting fashion and styling choices to the men. Dressing is no longer an issue for the men who have access to this popular fashion store. Buy the affordable trousers especially the relaxed-leg trousers with the help of discount coupons. How to find the discount coupons? It is recommended to see the newest coupons at This trustworthy platform provides reliable information about the current and upcoming money saving facilities. 


Logo tees, wide-leg chinos and special canvas belts are attractive for everyone. Stylists such as Miriam Bouteba recommend the men to find such impressive styles for this season. Do you want to establish an attitude? It is not difficult if you have the modern pieces. Let the canvas belt stay down and it will make an impressive style. Adding a hoodie with this style will make you more attractive. It is a decent approach for the men who want to stay in focus forever. 

The 1970’s:

As far most fashion designers are concerned, the 1970’s style is still popular among the men. For example, the models and designers still recommend wearing the 1970’s style in order to have a considerable look. This design or approach works with all types of choices such as coats, pants and sweaters. Is there any color preference? No, there is no specific color preference in this style. Men can choose any color patent at Ounass whenever shopping the clothes. Also keep an Ounass Coupon to obtain the discounts on all clothing and apparels.

Tactile Fabric:

Are you searching for the best apparels to touch the feelings? Men interesting to catch more attention in public must choose unique fashions and styles. The tactile fabric is very famous in this matter. This fabric has potential to catch the viewers. Bring the best touchy-feel garments for your wardrobe. Upgrading your wardrobe with this collection will never let you down this season but always shop with Ounass Coupon

Standout Tailoring:

Do you like navy suit? Most men will say “Yes” because it is attractive for everyone. Bring this suit right now and try it. Feeling excited? Definitely, you will feel excited because of the stylish color combination. Whether you mix this dressing with contrast or wear it as a plain, it will match with your personality. How to choose the shoes, goggles and more accessories for this standout tailoring? As a matter of fact, men can utilize any type of shoes, goggles and accessories. However, all these things must be sophisticated and attractive. 

Utilitarian Menswear:

No doubt, we upgrade the wardrobe with modern fashion and styles but it is necessary to bring the trendy things only. The utilitarian menswear is best for all functions. It is an exclusive choice for men who don’t want to attempt anything wrong. It is time to consider the Ounass Coupon. Visit if you are looking for the best deals and discounts available for the menswear. See the biggest menswear collections and shop the quality apparel for the coming season. This will be a memorable shopping experience. 


Instagram Features You Need To Know!

Anywhere, whenever there is an ongoing conversation about social networking in the present day, Instagram easily makes it to almost every list. Instagram is effortlessly one of the most prominent and popular applications in the social media world. It has a striking following with an amount of almost one billion daily active users. Instagram has become a distinguished platform for entrepreneurship and other business engagements especially in the domain of fashion and travel. With its enormous following Instagram features are being updated to give its users the best possible experience. 

Here are some of the key Instagram features that everybody would be pleased to know about. 

Personalized Fonts 

If you are looking for something different or something to stand out in your profile one of the ways is to use different font styles in your profile information. Simply choose your favorite quote or font style and size from any third source and simply copy paste it in your bio. Not everyone is aware of this hack and it will certainly give your bio an interesting and exciting outlook 

Explore Instagram Users Effortlessly

You want to stay in touch and updated on the latest Instagram news and happenings but don’t have an Instagram account?

Or you want to stay connected to or shop through Instagram? Or if there is any other motive, no worries you can look up people/pages or Instagram users without having your own account. One way of doing so is to search simply by joining in the username with the Instagram web address. For instance if you type in , this will take you to the account of the specific username.

Plan Your Future Posts

This is especially of use to people with a business account on Instagram or if you have a busy schedule but you also wish for an active Instagram engagement and are in the habit of posting pictures every day or several times a day, you can actually choose a time and date in advance for your future posts. All you have to do is switch your account to a business profile and choose accordingly. You can also use a third source or tool (social media website) for scheduling and you can join in your Instagram account and make plans for your upcoming posts.

Favorites Come First 

We all have certain filters that we love more and often use. Most of the time surfing through all the filters seem too exhausting and time consuming. However, Instagram team has taken care of it by allowing you to choose the order of filters as you may like and put the unused ones out of sight In order to do this you need to find the ‘manage’ icon on the right corner of your filter page. For changing the order tap on the lines drawn on the corner of filter that you would like to change position and slide accordingly.


Story Highlights 

Some stories that you post seem to have earned more time online than mere twenty-four hours. This is why Instagram provides with the ‘highlights’ feature. This allows you to choose stories from the past and make highlights that will remain as long as you want them there and you don’t have to be concerned about their disappearing.

Choose Tagged Photos 

This update of Instagram is undoubtedly becoming every ones favorite. In the past the tagged pictures used to be automatically shown on your profile. But now a person can manually choose which pictures and videos will appear on their account. All you need to do is go to settings and tap on ‘tagging options’ and chose the ‘manual’ option.

All these Instagram features will help you to playfully engage with other Instagram users and work more efficiently with this social media application. Make use of these features for a pleasant experience like the one you have always wanted and happy hash tagging!   


Hacks and Tricks for Snapchat – Snap It!!

About a decade ago with the invention of internet, social networking has become a significant part of everyday life. With reaching its enormous amount of two ten million daily active users in a relatively shorter  period of time snapchat has become one of the most influential social media platforms. Even with this extraordinary number of followers, there are many hacks and tricks for snapchat that most users are unaware of. Several new features have been added to the latest version of the app which makes the users experiences just as brand new as in the first place. However, rest assured that after reading this article you will be no stranger to all the intriguing facts and hacks that snapchat has to offer.

Recognize Songs Trouble Free 

Naming a song has never been so hassle free. Snapchat allows you to recognize songs with a hold of a button (camera) and a pop-up can be seen with song’s artist and name on it. You don’t have to download another separate app to take up more of your system’s space, you got covered. Not only that the specific shazam song can be snapped and shared with friends. And you can even add the artist in your friend list right away.

Video Aspects 

Another amazing feature added is the ability to make videos and put them together in either slow-motion, fast-forward or rewind. This characteristic comes just as easy as filters by sliding right left, one can find icons for features to apply.

Icons representations go as follows 

A snail = slow-motion 

A rabbit = fast-forward 

Backward arrows = rewind 

Filter it. Thrice!

Snapchat brings you the opportunity to add not only one or two but at least three filters to one single snap so if you can’t decide between which filter to choose no worries because you won’t have to just go on and choose all three of your top favorites.

snapchat filter

My Snapchat Memories Movie

After signing up to my snapchat memories you don’t have to be concerned about the expiry of your snaps every twenty four hours.

Why? Because snapchat makes and sends you a complete video of all your snaps throughout a whole month.

Create filters 

If you feel bored of the existing filters or feel like they don’t go with your mood or personality or you want to explore your creativity then you have got the right App. Certainly one of the most fun features of snapchat, you can create your own filters on the website by following directions online. One has to single out their geolocation and sync your created filter online.

Personalized Emojis  

Another playful characteristic provided by the snapchat team is to add up emojis as desired in front of your friends’ username. You can choose any emoji reflecting your feelings regarding the person and add it not just that they can be easily changed or removed as desired.

Travel mode 

One of the most common side effects of using such applications is the drainage of battery. This is something that everyone suffers from however, what most of us don’t know is that ‘travel mode’ is an inherent feature of snapchat. It allows you to choose whether to download snaps or which ones to download and helps save data. You can turn on travel mode by going into ‘settings’ then ‘additional services’ where you need to tap ‘manage’ Locate and switch onto travel mode and you are good to go.

These hacks and tricks will assist you to make the best use of snapchat app. So, engage with people in the most effective way while having your fun at the same time. 

shopping malls in lahore

Best Shopping Malls in Lahore

If you are someone who loves to shop and always looking for some nice place to shop your heart out then Lahore is the best place for you. There are numerous shopping malls in Lahore and markets which can meet your shopping needs effectively.

If you get dazed or confused with shops in the street and need to make separate stops from time to time to get hands on what you need then it’s better to head to some mall where all the shops are under one roof and makes it easy for you to roam around in some air-conditioned space.

To name a few shopping malls in Lahore which have all the high end as well as local brands, here is the list of malls which have comparatively greater footfall. Apart from shopping spree there are various other recreational activities at these places. Food court is the highlight too where people can sit and enjoy a nice meal after buying their favorite products.

Shopping Malls in Lahore

Emporium Mall

Located in the middle of Johar Town, Emporium mall is not limited to shopping only. From shopping to food to movies to play area to hotel, you can surely find everything under one roof.

They also have an elaborate parking area which is managed effectively. Having around 12 gates from all sides, it makes it easy during busy days.

Address: Abdul Haque Rd, adjacent to Lahore International Expo Centre، Trade Centre Commercial Area Phase 2 Johar Town, Lahore, Punjab

emporium mall

Packages Mall – Where Lahore Comes to Shop

This extravagant shopping mall is not only limited to shopping now. Located in the DHA area this place is now a weekend getaway for most of the people. Once you visit packages mall, you won’t feel the need to go abroad to meet your shopping expeditions. 

It’s food court is all about fancy food and cuisines, apart from having a dedicated area for food they also have desi outdoor food street.

Address: Walton Road, Near Factory Area Nishtar Town, Lahore, Punjab 75400

Amanah Mall 

Situated in the commercial hub of Lahore, Amanah Mall is the heart of model town, link road.

Every single thing at single place is the maximum one could ask for. You can easily find all those latest trends hitting trends in the market at this place. Offering everything you can think of at this place. Having 8 floors and 4 basements to meet all your recreational needs.

4 basements are specifically designed for parking purpose and is spacious enough to accommodate the maximum turnout. First 4 floors of this mall comprise of all retail outlets having premium store of Shirt and Tie Shop along with all other reputed national and international brands.

Other floors are mostly serve the recreational purpose having a cinepax cinema, Trampoline Park along with an amusement park, food court as well as fitness club. It also has 50 suits to entertain people regarding hospitality and offer an exclusive experience so that people can enjoy their stay completely.

Address: Model Town Link Rd, G.E.C.H.S. Phase 2 Muhammadpura, Lahore, Punjab 54600


9C Mall is located right in the heart of Lahore and most of the people head to this place for their regular shopping. This place has a lot to offer in terms of eateries and shopping outlets and that too of top notch quality.

It also has a food court on the rooftop to suffice your hunger needs along with a spacious parking lot featuring valet service. All these facilities along with the famous brands housed in a single building is what one may need.

Address: 9 MM Alam Rd, Block B 2 Gulberg III, Lahore, Punjab

Mall of Lahore

With an area of 60,000 square meters and having around 70 stores this mall is situated in Cantt area of Lahore. It is a project of Bahria Town owners and they tried their best to provide with the hospitality as well as shopping services at one place.

A shoppers paradise has it all – you can find shops, entertainment, food and a lot more in this one huge area. Spoilt for choices this place is good news for all those whose game name is shopping.

Address: 172 Tufail Rd, near Cantt, Cantt, Lahore, Punjab 54810

Mall of Defence

Mall of Defence is the staple for all those who are living on the other side of defence. One can literally spend a full day at this place with friends or children. This mall has all those things which you might be looking for some recreational activity. 

Lovely food court, high end stores, fun factory park is a treat to be gone. Comprising of 10 floors and having parking facility of more than 600 cars, this is a perfect place for your leisure time.

Address: P-Block, D.H.A, Main Ghazi Road, Lahore

mall of defence

Gulberg Galleria

The best thing about this mall is its location and the facilities it offers. Spacious parking and convenient shopping experience for disabled people adds value to this shopping destination.

This place attracts all those people who are interested in luxurious clothing and fine dining. 

Having an elegant internal and external design this place is surely a retail therapy.

Address: 18 Gulberg Boulevard Gulberg Lahore 

Fortress Square

It is one of the iconic malls in the country at this time have a mixture of shopping outlets, restaurants, cinema and what ever one can think to have a meaningful day out. A perfect place to hangout, but usually it gets busy on weekends. So watch out before heading to this amazing market space. 

Address: Fortress Stadium، Mian Mir Bridge, Saddar Town, Lahore, Punjab 54000

Business Intelligence Analyst

Business Intelligence Analyst is the person who uses the already collected data and turns it into the game-changing business decisions. He analyzes the data of the company and all the competitors and then creates a report of the current situation of the company, trends it is following and changes required by the company to reach its target. If business and computer science fields excite you then you are in the right direction and you can have your way with flying colors.

Roadmap as a Business Intelligence Analyst:

If you are just in the initial phase and are about to opt for the degree which will lead to a secured job then you are at the right place. You should always be planning and mapping out your educational and career path and look up for opportunities which can assist you to achieve your milestones. These are simple salient suggestions which will lead you towards your goal as a business intelligence analyst.

modern analytics workflow

Degree to opt for:

If you are opting for a degree then these 3 degrees are best suitable for you and you can advance steadily in your direction.

  • Business-related degrees
  • Management Information Systems
  • Any branch of Computer Science

But that’s only enough, to ace your career a relevant college degree or major is not the only thing. Professional experience is also required to get the know-how of how things work outside the books in the real world and how have to perform to sustain and flourish in the professional world.

Work Experience:

During your college years, it’s better to go for an internship in the organizations having a dedicated analytics department where you can learn various software and work dynamics.  These big-name companies work as a ladder towards a bright future and you can secure a prominent position easily with your expertise.

Once you get into the workforce you get the advantage as compared to fresh graduates which can help you secure an executive level position in a reputable organization with your professional knowledge because you already possess all the essential skills which are pivotal for any position.

Business Intelligence Job Roles:

Following are the career paths which you can go for once you get in this field:

  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Business Intelligence Developer
  • Business Intelligence Consultant
  • Business Intelligence Engineer

Skills Required by a Business Intelligence Analyst:

Just being qualified and having the degree is not one need to be a successful business intelligence analyst, there are certain skills which need to be acquired in order to be the guru of this domain. Let’s delve into the skills which can turn you from an ordinary business intelligence analyst to a successful one.

Problem Solving:

A BI have to be very creative with decision making, collecting the data and creating the results out of it or only analyzing the data is not the only thing a business intelligence analyst is supposed to do. He should be smart enough to come up with new techniques and timely solutions so that a problem would not turn into a disaster. He should put up clear suggestions which would assist executives with the helping hand and would result in better business decisions.


While this field is all about having the strong grip on all hard skills and how good you are with your work, the only soft skill which remains constant at every step is how good you are at communication. The essence of communication cannot be ignored at any level and you are required to be efficient in listening and delivering your message fully with the desired body language and tone.

Programming Language:

A person working as a BI will always have an edge if has a grip on programming languages and he can use them effectively but the most common programming language which is mandatory for every BI is the SQL, the most commonly used langue to manage data.

Industry Knowledge:

Having the said degrees and certification is not enough, you should also have the deep insights about the industry you are working in, for instance, if you belong to some educational sector then you should know the stats and dynamics of this sector and how things work here. It has a deep effect on your performance.

Data Analysis:

Analytical skills are key skills which can’t be ignored in any profession but in BI you can’t survive without this particular skill. You should be smart enough to go through the huge sets of data and create a pattern out of it or you analyze it a certain manner that you can generate some useful result.

Data visualization:

To present your data and working in a more readable and clear form, its visual representation is the most effective manner. It not only makes data easy to understand but also helps people to understand the patterns, trends, and correlations more easily which were chaos in the text form.